213. WHAT MAX THE IDITAROD SLED DOG TAUGHT ME ABOUT LIVING TO FIGHT ANOTHER DAYListen now (14 min) | Until recently, over half his teammates sacrificed themselves during each race. The rules have not changed, but the strategy has…
212. A Dystopian Peter Pan Listen now (12 min) | A Toby Rogers Re-post: Democrats aspire to create a society made up entirely of obedient children ruled over by the abusive Pharma…
211. PEOPLE DO NOT FREAKING LISTEN (DFL), EVEN WHEN THEIR LIVES ARE ON THE LINEListen now (33 min) | I'm at the funeral of a friend who drank himself to death.
210. I AM A RACISTListen now (39 min) | I can't stand Frenchmen,* but Pierre Kory is a gentleman and an exceptional animal among his irritating breed.
This is all about how and why so many hospitals have become modern killing fields and 21st century death camps.
The censors are backing away from the COVID lies that everyone already understands.
207. Alex Epstein's Energy Story: How he became the world’s leading champion of fossil fuelsListen now (23 min) | A re-post from a movement hero, narrated by fanboy Robert Yoho

February 2023

206. MY BROTHER-IN-LAW THINKS I AM A TURKEYListen now (9 min) | He is an electrical engineer who has a higher IQ than me.
206. OTHER PERSPECTIVES ABOUT THE TRAIN DISASTERListen now (9 min) | I have been accused of being controlled opposition, but my object is to keep the debate rational.
205. EVERYTHING YOU WISHED YOU NEVER HAD TO LEARN ABOUT GARDASILListen now (13 min) | After the COVID jab, it is the second most dangerous and damaging "vaccine" ever invented.
The ground has shifted under our feet--we are realizing that we live in a dystopia. This is agonizing for all of us.
The propagandists and the alternative media are both involved. The media, including some of our own, is our enemy. Stay focussed on true problems and…