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WHAT I DO: Since retiring from medical practice, I have been a whistleblower. I write and speak full-time about free speech, the Constitution, medical corruption, and the predators who are attacking us.

ABOUT ME: I am a real person and had a long career as a cosmetic surgeon; see Click through the initial message to view the whole 2000 page site. If you search my name online, you will find some uncomplimentary material about my last years in medicine. See my post “I am not so brave” for more about that. Two others that may be of interest are “My insights after teleporting around the world” and “Yoho’s greatest hits.”

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Butchered has over 300 five-star Amazon reviews and was a category bestseller for many months. Hormone Secrets, has about 100 five-star reviews. See for more. NOTE: there are no limits on book downloads.

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“LEGAL” DISCLAIMER: This is not medical care. Use this information at your own risk. If you are sick, seek out a licensed provider. Be careful whom you trust.

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Dr. Yoho is a whistleblower who published Butchered by “Healthcare,” Hormone Secrets, and recently, Cassandra's Memo. He practiced medicine in the United States until retirement five years ago.