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Our top priority is to decide what is true and what is a lie. Here are the skills you need to calm down and throw psyops out of your mind.

The aggressor is always peace-loving (as Bonaparte always claimed to be); he would prefer to take over our country unopposed. —Carl von Clausewitz

We are being purposefully overwhelmed by false inputs. Our enemy's strategy is to serve us truth salted with lies. This is meant to intimidate, keep us off solid ground, and psych us out so we lose without a fight. Exposing yourself to popular culture and current events reported by the media is the death of your intellect. Although we need sources to educate ourselves, we must eliminate everything we can, for what we ignore has become more critical than what we read.

I use my Reality Rules (Appendix) to throw out a lot. You may disagree with some of the following, but try to hang with me long enough to understand my reasoning.

Never trust a meal—even a gourmet one—with a rotten side dish. Once someone has lied to you, you must ghost them to maintain your integrity and discernment. (To ghost: end all contact, ignore them, and kill their feeds.)

In a short time, on the advice of a fortune teller, Mercola recently fired his top management and supposedly changed his mind about some of his key ideas. I studied one of these, hormone therapy, for a decade and spent a year researching and writing a book about it. The Cartel has opposed it. It is safe and healthy and makes us stronger. Mercola’s new arguments against it are wrong.

I have also extensively studied keto/carnivore diets, another of his about-faces. His new ideas promoting carbohydrate consumption are wrong. More recently, Mercola reversed himself about going barefoot. He had advocated this for “grounding,” but now he says he has a bunion and that shoes are best. He also supposedly quit deep breathing. The same day he did that, he proclaimed, “Lifting weights kills you.” He had been a gym rat for a decade.

Mercola may have had a mental breakdown or succumbed to pressure, but worrying about what happened occupies too much bandwidth for me to bother. Whether bribed or threatened, he changed his mind about telling the truth, so it makes no difference to us. After hanging on his every word for years, I killed my paid subscription and ghosted him. My doubts extend to his business; I now get my supplements elsewhere.

You are also known by the company you keep; if you support or cavort with shills, what you say is unreliable. For example, although Meryl Nass is obviously sincere, her repeated defense of Robert Malone cast doubt on her judgment and ruined her credibility. (Read Sasha Latypova HERE if you need clarification about Malone.) I ghosted Nass.

Another Malone hanger-on is a Substack writer with whom I socialized and treated generously. He recently told me to my face that this supposed “inventor of mRNA” was busy saving us from the World Health Organization. Res ipsa loquitur—the lie speaks for itself, especially one as stupid as this (HERE is a WHO commentator you can rely on). Of course, there is more to this fellow, but that is enough for you. My trust in him evaporated, so I ghosted him.

Mike Adams is seductively eloquent but regularly devolves into blathering idiocy about space invaders and cyborg warriors. I think he claims an alien visitation of ancient Egypt, but rereading his nonsense to get this point precisely right is more than I can stomach. If you are interested in the true origins of the pyramids instead of mysticism, see THIS fascinating and science-based article in Mathew Crawford’s blog.

Adam’s behavior is a firm marker for a chaos agent inserted into our midst to confuse and dishearten us. Even before I put my thoughts together, I was ghosting him because my spider sense told me all I needed to know.

Some “Freedom Movement” icons gave me the creeps from the start, so I never followed them. I am now suspicious of some of the most prominent ones—even those who direct us to store food, start banks, and worry about our chickens. These may be good ideas, but they could be intimidation tactics. As I reflect on “Spartacus,” I am not sure about him, either.

Others are still saying, “Mistakes were made.” Everyone in my room knows the vax was a purposely deployed bioweapon (ref: Cassandra’s Memo, 2023), so ghost anyone who makes this ridiculous claim.

While it is possible that some “resistance leaders” made honest mistakes, and some have since changed their minds, you have no time to worry about it. As my dear friend Tuttle says, Screw all these people and the horses they rode in on.

Learning the truth about today’s events fries many people’s brain circuits, and only a minority have the skills, courage, and intellect to consider all the contradictory ideas. If my views disturb you, try holding them in your thoughts long enough to learn something. You do not have to adopt my opinions, but I will never distort what I say to make it palatable or retain readership.

Discerning graphene oxide requires outside expertise.

I asked George, a top engineer, for his opinion. Before I leave you to him, the following is what I learned on my own.

We know that the Covid vax is a toxic stew. Craig Paardekooper collaborated with Sasha Latypova and discovered evidence that Big Pharma did a dose-fatality study to learn what components would kill us best (See Chapter 11, Cassandra’s Memo). Graphene oxide (GO) is in some of the vials.

However, some say that the “vaccine” contains self-assembling microscopic robots and that graphene oxide (GO) will activate inside us to turn us into androids… or maybe even “Freedom Movement” false flag fakers.

To investigate, a Substack reader advised me to look at La Quinta Columna (LQC), a group whose name means an undercover group of rebel sympathizers. In Spain last month, they showed me a Bluetooth iPhone app displaying alphanumeric codes supposedly generated by graphene oxide inside vaxxed people.

Photo credit: Yoho.

Codes like these appear for Bluetooth connections to standard technology. Capital letters at the start of the alphanumeric string identify each device and company. However, smaller companies frequently ignore this rule and use only numbers.

GO is metal and creates magnetic effects. Some newly jabbed people have this at their deltoid injection site, but it goes away after a day or so as the material redistributes. Others who have had recent major surgery have more generalized reactions. This video was taken after coronary artery bypass grafting.* The working hypothesis is that the magnetic effect is from graphene oxide in anesthetics and other drugs. However, this guy also has an unknown number of steel surgical clips from the procedure.

*NB: This surgery is a plumbing job designed to send blood around coronary artery blockages. However, it kills 3-8 percent of patients immediately, gives 30-60 % of them brain damage, and has a negligible effect on the only meaningful success metric—longevity. See Butchered by “Healthcare” to learn more.

The following video is similar, but I do not know its origins or explanation.

LQC people are worried. They told me:

  • GO has been seen by light microscopy in most European bottled waters and many prescription medicines. Darkfield microscopy is not necessary to visualize the characteristic stranding pattern.

  • Devices costing about $1000 can direction-find the source of the above alphanumeric codes. This provides evidence that the signals are emitted from people.

  • Most, but not all, unvaccinated people do not display these codes. This may have implications for shedding.

  • The codes change about every half-hour and can be seen on the BLE scanner iPhone app. Some are preceded by letters identifying the commercial device they are associated with. The iPhone cannot direction-find like the more expensive devices.

  • An electromagnet that permanently destroys cell phones and other electronics can be constructed for less than $50 using components purchased at Radio Shack. The “ZAPPER” video shows how to make it and how the Bluetooth signals from people disappear after moving the magnet over the people displaying the codes. This is harmless for most individuals, but some report adverse reactions.

  • I heard about people with “long-term COVID” (translated: Vax injury) with these signals who improve clinically after they were “zapped.” I have heard rumors that a few of them got worse. I have not interviewed first-hand witnesses for either story.

My source inside LQC has known about this zapper business for two years. However, they have not deployed them to rescue us even though they fear that this situation may someday be used to damage or control us through 5G radiation… or something like that.

LQC references

THIS is their website. It is partly Spanish.

“Impact of electromagnetic fields on in vitro toxicity of silver and graphene nanoparticles” is an academic article available HERE. The full text can be accessed on HERE. (To try this yourself, search for any article title at

George’s training and experience qualify him to discern the truth here.

Because of his background in tech, Bluetooth, and systems engineering, he is the ideal person to evaluate this story. Although anonymous, his clarity of thought and insights reveal his expertise. When George worked with physicians in corporate settings, some threw their chests out and proclaimed they could learn his field in a few months or a year. They all fell short.

For twenty years, he has been trying to convince those around him that government regulators and medical authorities were working with the pharmaceutical industry to damage our health and well-being. No one listened. Since the pandemic exposed a whole new level of criminality, people have been paying attention.

This is what he told me

  • C-19 vaccines are laced with contaminants, some known and likely others that we have not yet discovered. The annals of medical manufacturing are rife with incidents of DNA contamination, and considering the unprecedented pace, the scant regulatory scrutiny, and the colossal scale at which these vaccines were produced, they must be contaminated.

  • Graphene oxide, a substance increasingly tainting various products, is found in many vaccine vials. Without extensive, transparent, and top-notch testing—which didn't happen—dismissing graphene oxide contamination is naïve.

  • The phenomenon of people displaying magnetism is believable.

  • COVID vaccines are hazardous; many adverse effects have been documented, and others are likely to be discovered.

My friends often send me videos and articles to sort out claims involving technology. Here are some theories that are circulating:

  • Vaccines are spiked with graphene oxide to injure and kill us.

  • Graphene oxide is what magnetizes people.

  • Graphene oxide particles act like nanobots, assembling into microchips within our bodies.

  • These then supposedly evolve to function as both transmitters and receivers, capable of connecting to Bluetooth and potentially directing brain inserts to control the body.

  • The climax of this theory is that these nanobots are biding their time, waiting for a clandestine "off-switch" signal that could either zombify us or kill us.

Many of these theories are more like sensational sci-fi plots than plausible theories. What is believable and reasonable?

The graphene oxide found in vaccines points to contamination. Depending on its form, this can wreak havoc on the body, but only in certain ways. Sasha Latypova laid out potential impacts in her exceptional analysis HERE: "Is graphene toxic to the body? Depends on the formulation and structure. In formulations where it was found to be toxic (e.g., carbon nanotubes), the mechanism of injury is similar to that of asbestos (also a nanomaterial)."

Few people have done any experiments, and no one seems to have tested vaccine vials for magnetic properties.

The vaccine may create a magnetic reaction in individuals. However, magnetism has no relationship with Bluetooth or wireless communication capabilities. For example, neither a Bluetooth mouse nor microchips are magnetized.

Another speculative claim, the supposed link between self-assembling nanobots and graphene, is nonsense. Microchips capable of emitting Bluetooth signals are not made from graphene oxide. GO is unrelated to Bluetooth signals in any way I could fathom. The idea that vaccines could transform individuals into Bluetooth-manipulable zombies is absurd based on known technologies.

A video Dr. Yoho obtained from LQC (HERE) featured individuals in Panama utilizing a cell phone to pick up Bluetooth signals purportedly emanating from people. The narrator touts his qualifications, but the bulk of his presentation is riddled with what engineers would call technobabble. This is stringing technical jargon into sentences that are either nonsensical or blatantly incorrect. I saw this throughout the video. If someone with genuine expertise made the video, he used it deliberately to mislead. If not, he's simply out of his depth.

Here are several of his baseless assertions:

  • He labels "unknown" Bluetooth addresses as an anomaly, which is wrong. Numerous budget-friendly devices opt for unregistered Bluetooth addresses to avoid registration fees; this is a common practice.

  • He suggests that Bluetooth signals are perpetually in "receive mode," looking for commands from a central authority. This is standard Bluetooth behavior, aiming to establish connections with nearby devices. In covert operations, broadcasting anything would be counterintuitive; it's more plausible to silently scan for a specific device before initiating a connection.

  • He posits that the sheer volume of Bluetooth signals detected indicates they must originate from within individuals. This is ridiculous. Today, it's typical for individuals to carry multiple Bluetooth-emitting devices—phones, earpods, watches, bracelets, and, for the elderly, possibly pacemakers, all of which can broadcast Bluetooth.

  • Conducting a similar experiment with the same software at my home, I detected signals from my house and the neighbor’s, accounting for over 20 devices between just two households.

Bluetooth's range varies widely, from 10 to 800 feet, depending on the version, with most devices capped at about 320 feet. This grants a single phone the potential to intercept signals from up to 320,000 square feet. Considering the video's subjects were in a public space for an extended period, it's no shock they encountered hundreds of signals in Panama—they were likely capturing every device within the radius of a 320,000-square-foot area.

The video proves that we are dealing with individuals who either do not understand what they are talking about or are telling lies to instill fear.

HERE is a second gibberish video Dr. Yoho got from a Spanish source who touted it as evidence of the theory described here. I've attached my detailed notes.

George's Reaction To Video
49.5KB ∙ PDF file

At first glance, Dr. Yoho’s resources seem to be of the high caliber we would expect from seasoned researchers. However, they lack clarity and leave us wondering about their hypotheses.

The study "Impact of electromagnetic fields on in vitro toxicity of silver and graphene nanoparticles" is the only one of good quality. Presumably, this study suggests a sinister purpose. The theory is that vaccines saturate individuals with toxic metal particles, and cellular toxicity increases when exposed to EMFs.

The other idea is that vaccines might emit "EMFs" via embedded Bluetooth transmitters. However, the study utilized exceptionally strong EMFs generated by equipment operating at 10W—far beyond the maximum output of any cell phone, old (2W) or new (0.25 watts).

In the lab conditions described, the EMF intensity was 50 times that of contemporary cell phones. An embedded device like a pacemaker, operating at such power levels, would exhaust its battery in no time.

This paper establishes a rigorous standard for confirming the presence of graphene and described the verification process used by the researchers. Secondly, it reports a counterintuitive finding: graphene exhibited a protective effect at 5G frequencies when combined with EMFs.

Thus, this paper does not lend credibility to the doomsday theories of vaccine-induced, self-assembling nanobots poised to unleash lethal EMFs or that vaccines are laced with toxic graphene oxide to be activated by 5G signals.

Another highlighted study from the LQC site that was seemingly authored by the site's owners focused on detecting graphene oxide in vaccine formulations. However, while the EMF study employed three different methods to confirm the presence of graphene, this vaccine investigation relied on just one. Without corroboration from additional techniques, their conclusion, while plausible, falls short of being conclusive.

This brings us to another featured article on the site, which references a study published in Nature about the advantages of graphene-based neural sensors over their non-graphene counterparts. Accompanying this discussion is an image of a neural sensor (5.6mm or 0.2 inches wide and almost .5 inches long)—a device far too large to be surreptitiously inserted into the human brain, much less through the gauge of a vaccine needle. Moreover, the device's composition is primarily non-graphene materials, casting further doubt on the feasibility of such theories.

While these papers contribute scientific insights, they dismantle rather than support the web of speculative narratives surrounding vaccines and graphene oxide.

The only conclusion I can form from all this is that graphene oxide is a probable contaminant of the vaccines. Returning to intent, here is the anonymous commentator, A Midwestern Doctor. He references people who did a decently rigorous assessment of a sampling of multiple vaccine vials.

I was relatively sure the vaccine doses were not the same (based on the observations I made), but I couldn’t explain why and hence considered a lot of hypotheses (e.g., different mRNA doses were being done as a large scale experiment). Now that the dust has settled, I believe the most likely explanation was simply poor manufacturing, which is by far the most benign explanation as it suggests many were spared from the severe consequences of these vaccines (as they received “duds”).

Note: inconsistent manufacturing is actually a longstanding issue, especially in products that are not subject to rigorous inspection. For instance, since all vaccines are “safe and effective” and simultaneously immune to lawsuits, much less of an incentive exists to monitor the quality of their manufacturing. To illustrate, in 2021, Christopher Exley’s team found that the aluminum content of childhood vaccines varied greatly from lot to lot (and the vaccine’s label), which, in my eyes, is significant since aluminum is the primary agent responsible for vaccine injuries.

To conclude:

  • A solid, all-encompassing theory or any shred of proof linking Bluetooth connectivity to the vaccinated masses remains elusive.

  • We're inundated with dubious "evidence" that, at best, reveals a profound lack of understanding or a deliberate attempt to mislead us.

Should someone possess indisputable proof—garnered through appropriate equipment and under valid conditions—showing Bluetooth signals emanating solely from vaccinated individuals, please step forward. I will look closely. I have seen nothing linking Bluetooth and vaccination, but many misleading narratives exist.


We know the vaccine contains poisons, but my conclusion is that the effects described here are just poorly understood and possibly harmless artifacts. No one has been able to show substantial evidence of robots or graphene oxide activation. My current thinking is, “How could I have taken this seriously? I must have a screw loose.” Like the rest of you, I am susceptible to all kinds of ideas because I am shell-shocked by what has happened.

Magnetism is everywhere. I discovered a one-inch magnetic spot on my airplane tray table:

You have too much to do and too many other things to study to waste your time with questionable material. For correct discernment, your default must be to ignore stories supported by speculative evidence. When your spider sense activates, or even when you dislike someone, assume you are being lied to unless you have proof to the contrary. One clue is if the storyteller exhibits la belle indifference (absence of emotional distress) in the face of all the disasters. Some seem to be pretending they are in a science fiction novel. If you are asked what you think of one of these people, say what Ayn Rand would have, I never think of them.

Finally, believing the psychopaths possess advanced technology unrelated to anything we know of is akin to a belief in magic.

Epilogue: To gauge this war’s activity

We can observe the volume of weaponized lies. These are increasing, but many of us can now see through the haze and ignore them. This is reassuring, for if the jackals had trump cards, they would play them. Instead, they are intimidating the weaker among us with nightmarish fairy tales.

Eighty percent of the populace would immediately forget it all if the psychopaths backed off or at least slowed down. This has yet to happen, but we recall their past false starts. Swine flu, Brexit, and other events were failures. If we can get to the point where most of us see through the climate, carbon, and gender nonsense and all the rest, we can win. “Healthcare” butchery and the ruined food sources are hard to laugh off, but human resilience always amazes me. (Thanks to Dave Payette, who treated me to some of these ideas with dinner in London last month. NB: He disagrees with part of this post.)

Editing credit: Jim Arnold of Liar’s World Substack.

My mission is to clarify my thinking. I hope to help you, but that is secondary. If you are learning something, please sign your friends up.

Pop quiz: Test your shill identification skills

Post your findings in the comments. My ideas are at the end.

  1. Please scan this blog: “Methylene Blue is TOXIC WASTE. From Sewer to Arm: a Miracle Treatment?

  2. Next, look at Charles Wright.


  1. You don't need to know about MB, but you can use my post HERE as a reference if you need one.

  2. He discredits Pierre Kory and other resistance heroes; these are the credentials of a chaos agent attack dog.

Appendix: Yoho’s Reality Rules

#1. Basic principles:

  • Those with the gold make the rules, so learning the funding source explains a lot.

  • Lying and damaging others is a drive like sex for psychopaths. Never underestimate your ability to be fooled by them, for they do not telegraph duplicity like ordinary people (Chapter 2, Cassandra’s Memo).

#2. Identify what is true.

  • Believe your eyes, experience, and intuition, which is the sum of logic and emotions. Have confidence in your discernment powers and take little on faith or authority.

  • If a source contains explanations you do not understand, it can generally be cast off as false. Legal arguments often fall into this category. Some technical science fields that require decades of experience must be judged by assessing the person telling the tale.

#3. Use simple heuristics to unearth liars:

  • If one of our “colleagues” is all over YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, he is part of a bowel movement, not the Freedom Movement. Judge us on what stays up and what gets censored. I am a small animal, but the jackals take down everything I put up on social media within 30 minutes.

  • “Anybody carrying water for archons, demons, alien invasions, or part-man, part-machine cyborg warriors is either a moron or a paid shill” (Polymath Paul).

  • Be suspicious of those who combine hysteria and apocalyptic religion.

  • Crediting powerful, previously unknown technology to psychopaths replaces our reasoning powers with atavistic fears about magic.

  • Events that are light-years of distance or eons of time away from us are science fiction. Thinking about them is not a practical approach that yields insights or action plans for today.

  • The future is unknowable, and predictions are often psyops (Thanks, M!).

  • Clues from cancel culture: What is forbidden to be debated cannot be true; if debate of a subject is actually illegal, it is an obvious lie. —Alan Sabrosky

Telling the truth to yourself and others is your highest value. You must ignore stories if they fail the above tests or are supported only by speculative or circumstantial evidence. If your spider sense activates, assume you are being lied to unless you have overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

The next post is DMSO.