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A panoply of health risks are being forced on us. These are used to make money, injure us, and make us die sooner. Most can be avoided.

This is a synthesis of brutal information, so here is lighter fare to start.

Dick Cilley, my “dirtbag” climber friend, always chanted this post’s title while scaling hazardous rock. We would gleefully repeat his words as we ascended, laughing at the situations we put ourselves in.

A quote often attributed to Julius Caesar explains more, “As a rule, what is out of sight disturbs men’s minds more seriously than what they see.” The dangers I describe here are mostly invisible, so our anxiety about them may be higher than they merit.

We were once young and heedless. (Needles photo credit: Kris Solem)

The worst risks are self-imposed

Climbing is hazardous, but smoking is responsible for one in five US deaths. I spent a magic decade of my life doing these simultaneously.

A “conventional” source lists the most common causes of US deaths in 2021:

  1. Heart disease 695 k

  2. Cancer 605 k

  3. Covid 416 k

  4. Accidents 225 k

  5. Stroke 162 k

  6. Alzheimer’s 119 k

  7. Diabetes 103 k

You can avoid most of these

Strokes and heart attacks increase if you eat "unsaturated" vegetable fats like Crisco or margarine. These oxidize and cause diabetes, atherosclerosis, and other damage. But industrial food producers and a paid-off American Dietary Association promoted these cheap synthetics as healthy since early in the 20th century. "Saturated" animal fats, on the other hand, oxidize much less, so they are far safer (Hormone Secrets).

Eating seed oils instead of animal fats is being recognized as another cardiovascular health catastrophe. Big agriculture, fast food restaurants, fake fat makers, and corrupt regulatory groups are co-conspirators in bringing us these. 

Avoiding exercise creates similar risks as smoking.

Accidents: Auto accidents kill 43,000 Americans annually. Not wearing a seatbelt doubles this risk.

Suicide: 50,000 in the US yearly. The psych drugs cause much of it and should be outlawed because of this and other reasons.

"Covid deaths" is code for people slaughtered by the Covid bioweapon, those killed by withholding standard therapies, those killed by the vax, and those murdered by doctors using treatments such as Remdesivir and ventilators. It was all facilitated by CDC and FDA lies and implemented by the Department of Defense. If you understand this, you can save yourself and your family.

How to escape modern health calamities

Studying increase your chances of survival. Never be accused of DFR or DFL.

Some of the following disasters are forced on us, and others are suppression or concealment of effective treatments. For example, iodine restriction is obviously purposeful. For the rest, ask yourself, “Could this have been solely caused by chance, greed, or incompetence?” The answer is mostly “No.”

The following hazards are in rough order of importance.

Medical abuses

Using therapies that do not work, that cause active harm, or for which simpler, safer, or more effective alternatives are available. This is at least half of modern medicine, and it is the biggest risk on this list. Butchered by "Healthcare" tells the story. For clarity, I put some in separate categories.

Why did it all happen? Early in the 20th century, Rockefeller began controlling doctors and medicine and destroying their integrity. I was shocked to realize that these medical abuses are the cause of most modern disease.

Medical “errors” are deviations from "standards of care" that cause harm. A credible study estimates that these cause 250,000 US deaths a year. 

Prescription drugs kill 250,000 yearly in the US and Europe according to Peter C. Gøtzsche. 

The psych drugs. These cause violence, suicide, and early death. Twenty-five percent of Americans and 80 percent of Danes have been convinced to use them. They destroy our health, empathy, and humanity and are phenomenally addictive. RFK, Jr., forced Fauci to admit in writing that they had never been studied against placebos. The "science" behind them is a tissue of fraud.

Cancer cures. Dozens of safe, cheap, and effective cures have been suppressed. For example, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies have proven solid tumors respond to mistletoe. Fenbendazole, a drug related to ivermectin, is cheap, nontoxic, and avidly suppresses lymphomas.

Chemotherapy damages health. Reviewing decades of published studies, oncologists report that their poisons improve patient survival by an average of less than two months. This is an admission of utter failure for treatments that cost $100,000 or more a year. (Some lymphomas, testicular cancers, and a few other tumors can be successfully treated.) Radiation therapy is less successful than chemo, for it does not even produce this statistically invisible outcome.

The oncos are paid well to fail; they get 25 percent kickbacks on chemo charges. This story is in Butchered by "Healthcare."

Root canals (medical subcategory)

These spread infection through the body and must be removed if you value your health. Its inventors repudiated the procedure, but it is still universally performed by general dentists and endodontists.  Root canals cause a double-digit percentage, possibly 40 percent, of all human disease.

Vaccines (medical subcategory)

Without exception, each is a net harm that creates illness, shortens lifespan, and decreases fertility. These cause more damage than other drugs because “medical standards” allege they are safe, effective, and should be forced on all of us many times starting at birth. They contain mercury, aluminum, and other toxins.


Except for the (totally ineffective) influenza vaccine, none has contained mercury for two decades. But since mercury takes years to leave the body—if it ever does—vaccinations are still the second largest human exposure after dental fillings. 

Before the Covid jab, most immunizations were injected by bribed pediatricians. Over the last few decades, childhood vaccines caused the autism rate to rise from 1/10,000 to 1/30

No vaccine has ever been studied using a placebo comparison. If they were any good, this would have been published.

The Covid jab has no medical utility. Worldwide death rates soared within months after its rollout and live births plummeted. This proves it is a bioweapon developed to weaken and kill us. 

Dental amalgam poisoning (medical subcategory)

These are a bigger source of mercury than vaccines. They initially contain 54 percent, and they dissolve and release it into the victim’s body over many years. Amalgams are marketed as "silver fillings" by ignorant, unscrupulous dentists. They are a pre-Civil War technology that put a volatile, malignant toxin into the most reactive part of the human body. 


Dentists have no pretense of following even the ruined science of mainstream medicine. They regard themselves as mouth carpenters rather than physicians with responsibility for a sensitive biological system. 

When they “drilled, filled, and billed” my 17 amalgams, I was too young to say no. The mercury likely caused Parkinson’s, gave me scoliosis, and affected my personality. Dentists have damaged most of you as well. Read about it when my book, Butchered by Dentistry, is released.

Watch Dustin Hoffman in Marathon Man here (three minutes) to witness dental sadism. Robert Gammal says this type of cruelty is real. You will only think this is gratuitous if you are new to the study of dentistry.

Opioid abuse (medical subcategory)

It is being thrust on us from the outside and causes more than 100,000 US fatalities yearly. Changing the “physician standards” and predatory, opportunistic doctor prescribing contributed as well.

Bioidentical hormones suppression (medical subcategory)

Doctors seldom prescribe these because medical “standards” discourage it. Conventional “medical science" about hormones is a pack of FDA lies and defamations.

Few seniors take them, and most of those who do receive inadequate doses. Bioidentical hormones, the only ones worth considering, prevent premature aging and extend healthy lifespans. Their use preserves muscles, intellect, and emotional stability.

Testosterone can cure advanced breast cancer. It was placed in the scheduled drug category despite its negligible toxicity and profound benefits. Contrary to censored sources like Wikipedia, it benefits the heart. See Hormone Secrets for more.


This is the second most toxic metal to which humans are commonly exposed. Fortunately, you can easily avoid it and force its elimination from our bodies if you read and listen HERE and HERE.

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs)

These come from sources such as WiFi and unshielded wiring. The dangers are better recognized in Russia and Europe than in the US. Our knowledge is limited because the telecom juggernaut suppresses research and information flow.

Some people cannot tolerate EMF. To mitigate it, WiFi can be replaced with ethernet wiring, which is safer and faster. But solutions like these are ignored in the quest for sales and convenience. The result? We now bathe in electrical fields. But with care and study, we can decrease our exposures.

EMF may deserve a higher place on this list. See my posts HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Fluoride poisoning

This is deliberately placed into US, Australian, Canadian, and other water supplies. It is a neurotoxin; studies prove, for example, that babies born to mothers who consume it have lower IQs. Industrial fluoride producers give the American Dental Association millions yearly to claim that this poison improves teeth. Agents of the Biden cartel are blocking ongoing lawsuits against its use. 

The vegan cult promotion

Until recently, this could have been mistaken for a grassroots effort, but Gates, the World Health Organization, and the captured media now support it. Those who are fooled blindly damage their health. See Hormone Secrets. 

Lyme disease (medical subcategory)

This tick-borne spirochete (syphilis is another) infection is a bioweapon developed by our government and released upon our children and us. The evidence for this includes the deathbed confession of Willy Burgdorfer, Lyme's most prominent researcher.

Lyme has chronic, insidious symptoms. It is hard for “mainstream” doctors to diagnose and treat because knowledge of the natural history and therapies are suppressed. But there are many promising “alternative” treatments including hyperbaric oxygen, chlorine dioxide, and Alinia, an anti-parasite drug that can be used off-label.

Infected ticks are now ubiquitous in wooded areas of the US and parts of Europe. Ken Stoller estimates that a mid-double-digit percentage of American citizens have been exposed. Most of the symptomatic ones have no idea what is wrong with them. If not recognized and properly addressed, Lyme can cause profound disability.

Sun exposure suppression and sunscreen promotion (medical subcategory)

This has been a bizarre dermatology psych-op that lined their pockets and damaged anyone who believed them. It started when a Madison Avenue marketing company told the Derm leaders to change their image from foolish pimple poppers to fierce cancer fighters. 

Skin docs were soon charging millions more a year for office cancer checks and pricey "skin surgeries" that could sometimes be performed with nail clippers. They developed the "standard" that every bit of skin removed must be looked at under the microscope and billed. And they began using the same type of codes that surgical pathologists employ when examining systemic cancers. Question: Which specialty makes the most money? See * below.

The truth about the sun was sacrificed to marketing lies. Contrary to what the dermoids** claim, sun exposure is profoundly healthy—if you have the minimal level of judgment required to avoid roasting yourself. Consider:

  1. Women who are outside regularly have a far lower risk of breast cancer than those who avoid the sun.

  2. Safe, regular sun exposure can eliminate or reduce depression. 

  3. We are told that melanoma incidence has multiplied even in this era of sunscreen and sun avoidance. But this is dishonest reporting, for the true measure, melanoma deaths, has remained the same. The dermatologists use this lie to whip us into fear of walking outside. They recommend instead that we scurry into their offices clutching our hats and have "suspicious lesions" clipped off at great expense. 

  4. Cancers, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, the flu, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, and infertility are reduced by sun exposure (my emphasis).

  5. Sun exposure increases the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and baby. 

  6. Women who get sun have only one-eleventh the risk of a hip fracture as those who do not. 

  7. Sun avoidance and sunscreen might be as hazardous as smoking. 

See The Sunlight Institute website for references and more.

*Answer: Some dermatologic pathologists have billed $40 million in a year.

** A dermoid is a cyst filled with stinky dead skin; it is also my pet name for dermatologists. I know about dermoids because I was in one of their training programs for a year. To my credit, they fired me, and you can read about it in Butchered by "Healthcare."

Ivermectin suppression (medical subcategory)

If used correctly, ivermectin would have—by itself, even without other treatments such as vitamin D—saved millions of lives from Covid. But during the initial “pandemic,” a massive publicity campaign claimed it was "horse medication.” It was used to discredit this safe, effective, Nobel Prize-winning medication.

Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) suppression (medical subcategory)

This non-toxic drug has been used since 1955 to treat inflammatory autoimmune diseases. Although patients typically take it safely for decades with little monitoring except for eye exams every six months, sources such as the CIA-run Wikipedia claim its side effects are severe. A study in the Lancet “proved” it did not help Covid, but it was withdrawn after the fraud was immediately recognized.

Suppression of Vitamin D and other supplements (medical subcategory)

D is the most crucial nutrient for good health, but the doses available have been a flim-flam designed to decrease consumption. The units used to measure it were changed from (the tiny-sounding) micrograms to “International Units (IUs),” which are measured by the (perceptually huge) ten-thousands. The commonly available doses are 1,000 to 5,000 IUs, but we now have 50,000 IU capsules, which can be taken once or twice a week. These are the same size as the ones containing insufficient D.

The National Institute of Health claims that vitamin D levels of 20 ng/ml are “adequate for most people.” However, for people with levels over 60, Covid and other viral illnesses are rare to nonexistent.

Zinc, quercetin, and vitamin K2 can successfully treat and prevent deaths from viral illnesses such as Covid. This has been suppressed. 

Iodine has been recognized to promote health for more than a century. A program to discredit it and substitute toxic alternatives such as bromide has been ongoing for about 20 years

The US RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) and other sources claim we need little or no vitamin Cmagnesium, zinc, selenium, thiamine, and boron. And the wonderfully therapeutic effects of large doses of Vitamins D, C, and magnesium are suppressed or ignored. These three and others such as thiamine should be given intravenously to nearly every sick hospitalized patient, but they are not.

Aspartame (NutraSweet, Equal) promotion

This artificial sweetener is available everywhere. A review says, "Dozens of studies have linked aspartame—the world's most widely used artificial sweetener—to serious health problems, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, seizures, stroke, and dementia, as well as negative effects such as intestinal dysbiosis, mood disorders, headaches, and migraines… [plus] weight gain, increased appetite, and obesity-related diseases." 

Chlorine dioxin suppression

This story may be the most important on this list and will be posted soon.

Heedless use of industrial toxins

These include DDT, glyphosate, paraquat, Agent Orange, and trichloroethylene. Due to these and others, neurological diseases such as ALS, autism, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s redoubled over the past few decades.

Glyphosate herbicide is universally used in the US even though it causes cancer and creates dependence on psychopathic agricultural corporations. It is mostly banned in Europe. Dr. Klinghardt says you can make your body excrete it by taking powdered glycine daily. He describes how to reduce other hazards as well.

Cut your risks

Your health is not a casino. It is your body’s precious natural immunity minus all its toxic exposures. Mark Kennard explains how it works in a five-minute video here. He says stresses are additive and describes how you will get sick if you cross your resistance threshold. Healing yourself might be as easy as adding one supplement or decreasing a single toxin, but functioning at your best may require many changes. Words to this effect should be in the preface of every functional medicine book.

Almost everything still scares me these days, but I know how to avoid dangers. If you listen and read, you will too.

No one is coming to save you

Although some of this must be greed or incompetence, we have overwhelming proof that malign hands directed the rest. Joe Plummer’s Tragedy and Hope 101 is a history of how the globalists created disasters to weaken and destroy us. They are covert, for they fear exposure.

As I tabulated these calamities, I was repeatedly stunned by physicians’ central role in the crimes and systematic collusion with the criminals. And shocked by the conspiracy’s scope and organization and by the other weapons deployed against us.

As I uncovered story after story of physicians' ethical perversions, I recalled Cicero's maxim: “Nothing is so strongly fortified that it cannot be taken with money.” Business people understand this, but physicians, who are trained more like academics, pretend their behavior is kosher.

Litigation is beating back some of it, but this is sluggish and unreliable, so you must take matters into your own hands. The first step is to realize that nearly every public story we hear is a lie. Learn as much as possible, change your thinking, and correct what you can. 

Reservoirs of strength remain to us, and we have hope. Our bodies are so resilient that our death rate never increased until we allowed poisonous needles to be thrust into us. John Dryden’s words about his battle apply to ours: I am sore wounded but not slain. I will lay me down and bleed a while, and then rise up to fight again.

History teaches us that leaders appear when times are the most desperate. Dire need and the press of events forge these people. We are witnessing this now. 

The rest of us must use the time we have to spread truth and expose the criminals. As long as we are living and breathing, we can do more. We just have to be strong enough.

Aurelius again

Work steadily at that which is before you, following right reason seriously, vigorously, calmly, allowing nothing to distract you, but keeping your divine part pure, as if thou shouldst be bound to give it up immediately. If thou holdest to this, expecting nothing, fearing nothing, but with the heroic truth in every word and sound you utter, then you will live happy. And there is no man who is able to prevent this. 

Parting shot

It was one of the best days of my life. I was 53 and climbing Yosemite’s El Capitan in 12 hours with Hans Florine. This is half way up, under the Great Roof.

We live in the Age of Lies. To protect ourselves and our loved ones, we must learn all we can and speak up. And please dig up more subscribers for Surviving Healthcare. If you want to flatter me, get a paid subscription.

My writing is general commentary, and because I am retired, I never give medical advice. Make your own decisions about your health and use the information here at your own risk.