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She is a top insider with the international organization COMUSAV Mundial, the Kalcker Institute, and the ALK Foundation. These groups research and educate about chlorine dioxide solution (CDS).

THIS is the Rumble video link. Before listening to it, review my original chlorine dioxide post HERE.

CD is the most crucial trend in health and medicine. Everyone but American doctors is slowly coming around. Doctors in Latin American countries are leaders and do virtual consultations about medical problems. This is what Tanya and I covered:

  • The history of CD and the thousands of people in the movement trying to revolutionize healthcare.

  • The difference between chlorine dioxice (CD) and chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) and how to make them.

  • Pitfalls in making CDS in your kitchen and why you should always keep the solutions capped and refrigerated.

  • Side effects of taking CD (MMS, the Humble formulation).

  • How to make CD without an acid activator (hint: there is acid in your stomach)

  • The basics of giving CDS intravenously.

  • Discussion of the diseases CDS benefits including Lyme, cancer, Covid, and vaxx injury.

  • Discussion of all the novel ways CDS is benefitting sick patients

  • What to expect if you take Dr. Kalcker’s advanced course

Chlorine dioxide is a lightsaber that can destroy Rockefeller medicine. It can potentially cure or improve Lyme, cancer, autism, parasites, infections, heavy metal toxicity, neurological diseases, and inflammatory diseases. If you do not have time to make CD in your kitchen, at least educate yourself by picking up some commercial products from Frontier Pharm and Snoot! Spray. These are “entry drugs” into all the other ways chlorine dioxide can be used.

The quickest way to get a feel for what is happening with them is to scan the descriptions of these products and their testimonials in the following PDF.

Dioxicare Reviews Slide Show Rev1
21MB ∙ PDF file

These companies recently started affiliate sales. This incentivizes the small but vocal group who understands the critical importance of CD. Growth rather than short-term profit is the goal. 

Many similar sales programs require an upfront ‘investment,’ then hawk humdrum or nearly useless household products. Chlorine dioxide is different—it potentially has a huge impact on health and is virtually unknown. Frontier Pharm and Snoot require no purchase requirement, minimum order, or “starter package” to join.

Here is how it works: when you click my affiliate link below, buy mouthwash, toothpaste, and Snoot! Spray or other product, you get a five percent discount, and I get a commission that I give away to educators who promote chlorine dioxide and other Freedom Movement people.

I signed up and received $3000 in the first several weeks. If you give your commissions away as well, the word might spread more rapidly and maybe fortune will smile on you. But if this does not appeal to you, please keep your earnings.

Use my links to join these programs:

  • My affiliate link HERE takes you to the Frontier website to buy their mouthwash and other products.

  • THIS ONE is for the Snoot! Spray nasal products.

  • If you want to help spread the word and make money, join the Frontier program HERE.

After you fill out the application forms to become an affiliate, you will be sent a link to your dashboard in less than a day. There, you will find special website access links to send to your friends or use on your written announcements. These will give you credit for their orders, and your customers will get the introductory discount. You can also make a personal code to use when you podcast or do other speaking.


More testimonials for SNOOT! and Frontier products HERE.

COMUSAV (World Health & Life Coalition) MANY VIDEOS HERE.

Dr. Manuel Aparicio, former President of COMUSAV speaking at the Red Pill Expo HERE.

Andreas Ludwig Kalcker (ALK) Foundation HERE; Donations HERE (Let me know if this works for you.)

The following ALK Foundation contact is for anyone who needs medical advice about CDS or is trying to find out where to buy the ingredients in different countries: +52 33 1102 9167 (WhatsApp),

Tanya’s contact info and where to get those bottles: On Telegram:

HERE is where to get a copy of that informed consent for CD, and here is a copy:

Informed Consent And Petition For Assistance En
46.1KB ∙ PDF file


#1. I made an inappropriate joke about Tanya’s 23rd birthday; she is a mature woman who looks much younger.

#2. Free downloads: The Ultimate Guide to Chlorine Dioxide and The Universal Antidote: The Science & Story of Chlorine Dioxide.

3.22MB ∙ PDF file
The Universal Antidote Interactive Reference Guidebook 2nd Ed 2022
2.21MB ∙ PDF file

#3. An early commenter from Rumble added this valuable tip about making CDS in your kitchen:

I have been making batches for a few months now. The reason you need to keep CDS in the fridge is that the gas "boils" at 51 farenheit i.e. off gases and, if it does, your parts per million will drop. Your fridge is about 40 farenheit. I also keep the water I dilute with in the fridge when making it. Also, using ice is recommended. It's all about keeping the liquid below 51 degrees F. When you are ready to add to a glass or a container be quick about taking it out of the fridge and more than a minute ...and then immediately put it all back and sealed into the fridge.

We all need chlorine dioxide expertise to shield ourselves against Rockefeller medicine. If you are an active CD user, please let me know in the comments. And please sign your friends who have medical problems up for Surviving Healthcare and send them this post.

Parting shot #1: Aluminum exposure is causal for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

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#2 Why blood donation may be an appropriate treatment for PD:

#3: I get a few downloads on Buzzsprout:

More on Substack, though.

#4. Valerie and Michelle met Alexander at a trade show

He is using Snoot!