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Supports for this include a Substack, a website, and a so-far uncensored Facebook page. The audio is a patient history and testimonial.

My good dude Fred has "boots on the ground" about this subject. He has a lymphoma that he suppressed using fenbendazole. He bought it from over-the-counter veterinary sources and courageously treated himself.

Sorry about this audio. Fred has low-speed internet, so I had to record it using my iPhone and microphone. I recommend listening at 1.5 to 2 x speed.

I cannot recommend treatments for individuals because I am no longer in practice, but if I had any cancer, I would carefully consider this. Fenbendazole is in the same class as ivermectin. It is super safe and has no medication interactions I could find. As always, the usual disclaimers apply—do your homework, take responsibility, and use this info at your own risk. 

References. If you or your friends have cancer, you should start scanning these yesterday.

  • HERE is a substack discussion.

  • Fred survived because he learned about fenbendazole at Joe Tippens' website HERE. A news story about Joe is HERE. Tippens has detailed therapy recommendations that include curcumin, quercetin, and CBD oil.

  • is comprehensive.

  • A fenbendazole Facebook group with 40,000 members is HERE. It is so far uncensored. 

  • Fred's source for the drug is veterinary; HERE is the link. He adds, "The orange box totals 12 grams, $18, the cheapest I ever paid at $1.50/g. This is the product I used before new nodules became no longer visualized two years apart."

  • HERE is another source to buy this product.

  • HERE is information about how Fred came to be screened through the Medicare cancer program. The theory is that Medicare saves money by screening for cancer and treating it early rather than waiting for symptoms before therapy. Since millions of active or former smokers use Medicare, this may be justified for them.

  • Mebendazole as a Candidate for Drug Repurposing in Oncology: An Extensive Review of Current Literature HERE.

  • Further references are in the google docs file HERE

  • HERE are RNs who treat cancer with antiparasitic drugs (thanks, Jack!).

  • You can access the following references by typing the title into the search bar:

    Robert Morgan was my dear friend and co-author of Hormone Secrets. He send me these just before he died of heart disease.

I copied this case report, “Colon cancer, age 40,” to draw you into reading the others in THIS substack:

Fenbendazole Can Cure Cancer
Case Report: Colon cancer, age 40, F
Welcome to this second edition of Fenbendazole Can Cure Cancer. The first edition was well-received and widely shared. It was suggested to identify the main issues of each Case Report and list them as one-word concepts. The following Case Report is Metastatic Colon Cancer, Dosage, Time-Frame…
Read more

I received the following email recently. I cut and pasted it below with a few comments afterward.

I'm a forty-year old woman in good health who was diagnosed with colon cancer in November 2021. PET scans had shown that the liver was affected as well, which was confirmed by biopsy.

My prognosis was discouraging. I was told the one-year survival rate for my Stage 4 colon cancer was about 10%. The oncologist also said they could not cure me and told me I would have to remain on chemo from now on to keep the cancer in check. After surgery to remove the tumors in January 2022 I started chemotherapy using fluorouracil and capecitabine.Chemotherapy was accompanied by many adverse side effects that really made me sick (fatigue, bruising, hair loss, digestive issues). Most troublesome were mouth sores that made eating painful and difficult. Chemo was ineffective as I had to have another surgery and more chemo was necessary. After two more rounds of chemo but not surgery, the tumors returned and another new growth was seen on the left kidney. That was in April.

I read about fenbendazole and felt that I had nothing to lose. So I started in on May 5, 2022 with 2000 mg a day. About 8 scoops of the powder. I did split it into two 1000 mg doses. Within two weeks I did feel better but I wasn’t sure if it was wishful thinking. I was done with chemo, so now fenben was the only hope for me.

On Sept 9 I had a followup with my oncologist as well as a scan. The cancer was gone!

On Oct 9 I had another scan...cancer is still gone. I feel great and I know it was the fenben. My doctor says maybe the treatments took a longer time than usual to work but sure whatever!

I take 1000 mg per day now and I've never had anything resembling a side effect from fenben. Here's to keeping fingers crossed that my cancer stays away. My family was extremely supportive all the way plus the chemo just made me sick and didn't work. I plan on taking fenben to keep me healthy and cancer-free!

Looking forward to seeing my babies grow!

That's my story, let me know if you need anything else!
Amy T., Stockton, CA

A follow-up question to Amy was “Why did you choose to take 2000 mg/day?” She said she had read that that was the upper tolerable limit tried and she felt she had to be as aggressive as possible. Regarding other substances she was taking she reported vitamin C and D.

Many people try traditional chemotherapy and radiation before they resort to alternative treatments like fenbendazole. In this case, traditional treatments did not work and Amy felt she had “nothing to lose.” There is a literature suggesting that fenbendazole can act synergistically with traditional treatments. There was evidence of that with Metastatic Breast Cancer, age 83, F when targeted radiation of bone tumors on the spine resolved quicker than expected. So, perhaps here the observation by the oncologist that the treatments took a little longer than usual is relevant. Except that in the previous four months of traditional treatment (Jan-Apr) the cancer persisted and spread to a new location (kidney). It was only after chemo was stopped and fenben started that the cancers went away (May-Sept).

In upcoming issues other case studies of people who have used fenbendazole to treat their own cancers will be presented. Melanoma, colon, pancreatic, lung and esophogeal are the cancers that are due up in the next few issues. In the meantime, please share this publication anywhere you see fit as well as with those you think could benefit. Also, a nice feature of Substack is the ability to leave comments or ask questions. You can also email directly to Your questions and comments will help guide the directions taken in future issues, and help spread the word that Fenbendazole Can Cure Cancer.

Please be sure to share this as you see fit. Share it on Facebook, Twitter, share it in other Substacks that you read, share it directly by email. If you click the blue “Share Fenbendazole Can Cure Cancer” button below it will enable you to automatically copy the link, share to Twitter, share to Facebook, or email.

If you know of someone who has been using fenbendazole to treat their cancer please ask them to send in their story, it’s how we can all learn!


Fenbendazole Facebook group.

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