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My excellent adventure in Tijuana

Until four months ago, I knew nothing about dentists, the toxic substances they use, or the chronic health-damaging infections they cause. But last week I was in Dr. Lagos's dental chair having the trash taken out of my mouth. Here is the story of how I woke up and took action. If you care about your health, you will have a careful look inside your mouth as well.

The start of my journey was reading Toxic Teeth: How a Biological (Holistic) Dentist Can Help You Cure Cancer, Facial Pain, Autoimmune, Heart, and Other Disease Caused By Infected Gums, Root Canals, Jawbone Cavitations, and Toxic Metals by J.M. Swartz M.D. et al. (2019). Dr. Swartz had been Dr. Lagos's patient and heavily recommended him. 

I was horrified by Swartz’s portrayal of dentistry, so when I visited my Los Angeles dentist for tooth cleaning a few weeks later, I asked him how many mercury amalgams I had. After clicking on my teeth, he replied, "Seventeen." I nearly fell out of the chair. So I sent Dr. Lagos my mouth X-ray and a deposit. He was so busy that he could not see me until mid August.

I continued studying, and my paranoia meter was soon flashing red. I realized that even stepping into dental offices is hazardous. Even if I was just there for tooth cleaning, the jackass in the next room might be drilling without the protections used by biological dentists. I might be inhaling mercury and other poisons.

I eventually concluded that out-of-control dentistry operating for profit was responsible for a double-digit percentage of all US health problems. If this sounds far-fetched, read my recent post about Dr. Gammal's book HERE. You will find my claim is likely conservative. 

Meanwhile, after a six weeks wait, I saw a neurologist about the tremor I had had for a decade.

The most common diseases her specialty sees are Alzheimer's (AD) and Parkinson's (PD), and she immediately told me I had PD. She asked me if I had started falling yet (no!). This reminded me of a time when I used an ammunition storage bag as an airplane carry-on. I had mistakenly left a couple of shotgun shells in a zippered pocket, and security asked me if I had been arrested yet (not yet!). 

Neurologists diagnose conditions, but their treatments are dictated by Pharma. I asked her about the holistic remedies I wrote about in a recent post, and she said none of it worked. When she apologized for the appointment delay, I told her it was no problem. I knew she had no therapy that could cure or even slow the progress of PD. 

I jacked up the pace of my usual manic research. I learned that pesticides, toxic metals, and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are closely linked to brain degeneration syndromes. These include Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, autism, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Doctors label these conditions “idiopathic” because neither their causes nor remedies have ever been acknowledged. They call themselves idiots when they use this word.

Pharma makes no money on cures or inexpensive treatments, so they ignore or even disparage them. I show examples of this in my recent posts.

Back to Dr. Lagos

I evaluated Dr. Lagos carefully, for I knew I had little recourse if I had problems in another country. I am a seasoned observer of doctors and medical offices and had a brief tenure as a surgical center inspector. I had been in hundreds of surgeries and clinics as a guest. Lagos’s website, his reviews, his credentials, Dr. Swartz's perceptions, and the office documents were top-notch. My later experience confirmed these impressions.

Dr. Lagos was trained by Hal Huggins, DDS, the pioneer of biological dentistry who spoke against the use of dental amalgam fillings and other unsafe procedures. He is considered the grandfather of the holistic dental movement. 

Lagos is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and has a wall of diplomas. The following are the ones that count.

Dr. Lagos recommended an important precaution. He told me to get the Biocomp laboratories blood testing to see if I was sensitive to dental materials. It showed that I was reacting to several metals including mercury and aluminum.

I was at his office for five days

For the first four, I had intravenous sedation for up to six hours a day. It was tolerable but not my idea of a great time. I had no pain during or after surgery except a few days of ache after the dentist pulled a dead wisdom tooth on the last day. 

Here is what the procedure looked like, and that is me under there. It may be hard to see, but I was wearing nasal oxygen. They had a space blanket over me to keep me warm and to provide full-body protection during amalgam removal. I received intravenous vitamin C (?75 mg) on each of the four days I was treated.

The anesthesiologist is checking his stocks, but they do that everywhere.
Sample of my before/after photos from my mouthful of amalgams.

Los Angeles dentists may charge thousands to fix a single tooth. My total fees were less than $7000. The Quartz, the five star hotel next door, cost $150 a night.

It is now three weeks later

I have had no dramatic recovery yet, but my tremors and tinnitus seem better. I am salivating a lot, but I hope this is due to my oral irritation, not Parkinson’s. The confounder is that I am simultaneously trying to increase the excretion of glyphosate and aluminum. I have also continued efforts to remediate my EMF exposure.

As Dr. Legos suggested, I am avoiding detox for a month. My initial research is that EDTA chelation for mercury can damage kidneys, and phosphatidylcholine is safer and works better.

Various documents

Treatment Schedule 1
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Treatment Schedule 2
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Jonas' Guide To Dr
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Patient And Caregiver Information (nc)
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References and more from Dr. Lagos

  • Quicksilver Scientific is a detox program. As his mentor Dr. Huggins did, Dr. Lagos recommends that you wait a month after dental treatment to begin any detox program. They send you the supplements you need for detoxification and also offer good courses to health professionals.

  • Oasis of Hope Hospital offers alternative medicine. The late Dr. Ernesto Contreras was the founder, and he pioneered alternative medicine in Tijuana. His son, Dr. Francisco Contreras, is now in charge, and the administrator is Eduardo Ruiz. The Quartz Hotel will give you a free ride to and from this hospital.

  • Biocom Labs: We recommend them for biocompatibility testing of dental materials. You sent your sample there. The late Dr. Hal Huggins founded it. DNA Connexions is their sister laboratory.

  • Books by Dr. Huggins:

Its All In Your Head: The Link Between Mercury Amalgams and Illness

Uninformed Consent: The Hidden Dangers in Dental Care

It's All in Your Head: Diseases Caused by Silver-Mercury Fillings

Who Makes Your Hormones Hum???

Solving the MS Mystery: Help, Hope and Recovery


  • Crossing the border is a hassle, but Dr. Lagos's drivers can pick you up at the San Diego airport or train station. They charge $80.

  • The advisers you met in my recent posts told me that I should ask for nonmetallic materials and recommended Saremco. Dr. Lagos replied, "I use Admira, which is highly biocompatible, and on your list of least-reactive materials."

  • Dr. Lagos recommends oil pulling for teeth care.

  • I saw post-operative hair transplant patients at my hotel. Since I performed this procedure while practicing, I could tell their results were excellent. They told me they paid 50 cents per graft.

Most of you still have teeth, and half of American fillings are mercury. By now, you understand that root canals are even worse. Send this and the last post by Dr. Gammal to your beloved friends and family. And sign them up for Surviving Healthcare.

Parting shot:

Read Mercola’s article critical of wisdom teeth removal HERE. This is the summary:

Estimates suggest 5 million people have their wisdom teeth removed each year, and more than half may be completely unnecessary. According to a 2005 Cochrane Review, "Prudent decision-making, with adherence to specified indicators for removal, may reduce the number of surgical procedures by 60% or more"

There are no scientifically proven health benefits to removing wisdom teeth that don't cause problems

Many oral health experts recommend extracting wisdom teeth only if they're growing in at an odd angle, causing pain, are affected by tooth decay, or if they're impacting other teeth or causing inflammation

Extracting wisdom teeth is not a risk-free procedure, even if you're young. Risks associated with the surgery include poor wound healing, infection, dry socket, pain, uncontrolled bleeding and nerve injury resulting in numbness around the mouth and face

Opioid addiction is another hidden risk, as most oral surgeons prescribe opioids for post-surgical pain. Research shows a combination of ibuprofen and acetaminophen works better than opioids for pain following wisdom tooth extraction, so avoid opioids at all costs

Root canals is another risky procedure that is largely driven by profit motives. Root canal-treated teeth often end up harboring harmful microbes, the toxic waste products of which can have systemic health impacts and contribute to a variety of chronic diseases, from chronic fatigue and chronic pain syndromes to heart disease and cancer