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Here is a third opinion by Ronald Stein.

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The Green World Order: Efforts to Cease the Use of Crude Oil Could Be the Greatest Threat to Civilization’s Eight Billion People

We have too little CO2, not too much.

The Green World Order: Efforts to Cease the Use of Crude Oil Could Be the Greatest Threat to Civilization’s Eight Billion People

(A repost from 2nd Smartest Guy in the World’s Substack.)

CO2 is the gas of life.

CO2 induces plant life.

CO2 is not a control knob for climate; there is simply no legitimate research that can demonstrate that CO2 in any way impacts global temperatures.

PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE is nothing more than the depopulation of carbon-based lifeforms.

China is anti-“Green” World Order, not even bothering to install inexpensive cleaning scrubbers on their coal plant stacks that eliminate nearly all pollution. But they constantly lie about their intentions.

We currently have far too little CO2 as per this important chart:

Current 421 ppm levels of CO2 are minuscule.

At around 150 ppm of CO2, life on earth essentially dies. But as the CO2 increases, it’s almost as if the planetary terraforming operation is accelerating in plain sight.

If the “green” agenda were not a depopulation and control scheme, then they would primarily be concerned with points of planetary pollution. But just as the vaccine campaigns in African nations were eugenics programs that murdered and maimed so many, the developing world is experiencing increasing famines and population reductions from this One World Government “green” world order program, and it will become far worse over the coming weeks and months, culminating in mass population reductions. Or what Black Lives Matter in Africa really looks like. Thankfully, African American DEATHVAX™ hesitancy is extremely high.

“Climate change” is nothing more than the penultimate Technocratic power grab to usher in the 4th Industrial Revolution via the Great Posthuman Reset. It is a total reality inversion just as PSYOP-19 was and continues to be en route to PSYOP-22 and all of the other bio-fascist scams that will be increasingly blamed on “climate change”.

Blaming the gas of life (and carbon-based lifeforms) for all things “climate change” is truly the ultimate sleight of hand. There is to date not a single legitimate research study that definitively proves CO2 has a single negative impact on anything whatsoever. Every research study to date is fear-mongering speculation and nothing more. The scientific “consensus” that is often cited by brainwashed Death Cultists is a public relations propaganda campaign run by the MSM that always excludes the greater consensus of the more qualified scientists that have all called b.s. on this scam.

This “climate change” operation that went from the fear of an ice age in the 1970s to anthropogenic global warming (AGW) to today’s exceedingly vague label dates back to the Club of Rome, a shadowy “nonprofit” funded by the Technocratic cabal that has been since the 1960s slowly and methodically seeding this murderous program.

And now that we have officially entered the Grand Solar Minimum that will drive global temperatures down, the narrative will be forced to shift to blaming humans and their CO2 on the cold — or why it is best to hurry up and execute this whole takeover program before having to once again alter the narrative:

We are running out of time and urgent action is needed. These challenges are global, and we must meet them with a global response that drives action on the ground.

The only thing the Cult and its useful idiot puppets are running out of pertains to their sociopathic power grab scams. They are in a hurry because they have been found out by a large enough percentage of the global population.

Life Without Oil is NOT AS SIMPLE AS YOU MAY THINK. Renewable energy is aintermittent electricity from either breezes or sunshine. Climate change might possibly impact humanity, but a mandate to live without the products manufactured from oil will mandate lifestyles of the 1800s, the horse and buggy days. This is the greatest threat in our lifetimes to civilization’s eight billion residents.

World leaders make no mention that the entire pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, materials science, energy, transportation, heating, etc. are dependent on the same fossil fuels that they want to rid the world of.  Attempting to attain a decarbonized world like the one that existed in the 1800s and before could result in billions of fatalities from disease, malnutrition, and weather-related deaths. In contrast, changes in climate are projected (and who trusts predictions of the future) in millions of fatalities.

Surprisingly, the fossil fuels infrastructure are less invasive than the mining for exotic minerals and metals in developing countries to support solar and wind energy. This is destroying the planet through environmental degradation and human atrocities inflicted upon people with yellow, brown, and black skin. The 2022 Pulitzer Prize-nominated book Clean Energy Exploitations – Helping Citizens Understand the Environmental and Humanity Abuses That Support Clean Energy does an excellent job of discussing the lack of transparency in the world of the green movement’s impact on humanity.

Of the three fossil fuels of coal, natural gas, and crude oil, crude oil is the only one primarily used to manufacture products that are the basis of the economy. 

Crude oil is virtually useless unless it is refined into its derivatives. These are the basis of more than 6,000 important products that did not exist before the 1900s. They are also the fuels that move the heavy-weight and long-range requirements of more than 50,000 jets, more than 50,000 merchant ships, and the military and space program.

The liquid fuels and products produced from this hydrocarbon processing aided the advancement of rocket technology, leading humans to break the boundaries of space and place satellites into geosynchronous orbit. These advances significantly evolved the way the world communicates, navigates, and explores not only Earth but the distant cosmos.

All the products needed to make the parts for vehicles, wind turbines, solar panels, planes, ships, medical supplies, tires, asphalt, and fertilizer are made with the oil derivatives manufactured from crude oil. Wind turbines and solar panels are able to generate intermittent electricity, but they cannot manufacture anything.

Everything that needs electricity, from lights, vehicles, iPhones, defibrillators, computers, telecommunications, etc., are all made with the oil derivatives manufactured from crude oil. There would be nothing to power in a world without fossil fuels.

Note: This article was edited for voice performance and message focus. To read the original, see HERE.

About the Author

Ronald Stein is the Founder and Ambassador for Energy & Infrastructure of PTS Advance, headquartered in Irvine, California.

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An ecology Ph.D. must know many fields, and Patrick Moore is a polymath. When I read other sources about him, I encountered the “fact-checking” and “climate denier” labels. These are diagnostic for someone who speaks critically important truths against censorship. Many mainstream outlets refuse to interview him despite his storied history and formidable accomplishments.

His former colleagues at Greenpeace called him “Dr. Truth” because he always tried to keep their actions scientific. All of them originally thought that nuclear power plants had the same risks as bombs. But Dr. Moore learned that they were dead wrong and that nuclear power plants were the safest large-scale way to produce clean energy. Greenpeace’s misplaced “activism” still results in many energy plant closures.

Moore’s former colleagues continue disaster-mongering to harvest dollars from an unsuspecting public. Recently, one of these deranged people tried to deface the Mona Lisa at the Louvre as a publicity stunt.

Dr. Moore once told a reporter that you could drink a cup of Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup without bad effects. After that, they hounded him repeatedly to do it. In our conversation, he again dismissed Roundup’s effects on humans and said that it had about the toxicity of vinegar.

Roundup is used with crops that are genetically modified to resist its herbicide effects so that only the surrounding weeds are affected. This affords greater crop yields, but more and more Roundup is gradually necessary as the weeds evolve resistance against its effects. Monsanto lost a multi-billion dollar verdict after evidence was presented that its product causes a fatal cancer called lymphoma.

I respect Dr. Moore’s opinions, and he has paid a big price for them. But he is wrong about Roundup being harmless. Modifying crops to make them dependent on a pesticide is an evil idea that should never have been implemented. And overwhelming evidence proves that the product is toxic and carcinogenic. I’ll have a further post about this soon.

Moore explained hormesis, which was a new word for me. I was familiar with this concept for drugs. It means a beneficial effect at lower doses and toxicity at higher doses. Similar effects have been reported in aging, agriculture, carcinogenesis, exercise physiology, immunology, medicine, molecular biology, microbiology, nutrition, pharmacology, radiation biology, and toxicology.

Diagnostic radiology, for example, requires low radiation doses. Some sources say that this could be beneficial. Of course, at high doses, radiation is hazardous or fatal. If all this is true, it is hormesis.

Mercury exposures come primarily from dental fillings and vaccines, and the industry makes claims that this is another case of hormesis. More credible sources say mercury is toxic at any dose.

Dr. Moore explains that demonizing CO2 is irrational. We have ice and rock deep drilling data about the history of both atmospheric CO2 and global temperature. For millions of years, there has been no clear relationship between the two. If anything, CO2 has followed temperatures rather than the reverse. Plus, NASA photos of the earth from space show progressive greening since the 1960s as CO2 levels have slightly elevated. (Because of this short time frame, it is less convincing.)

For more, search for Moore’s YouTube videos and read his fantastic book. It has over 2000 Amazon reviews. Also see:

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