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Fifteen years ago, before Kalcker, Humble, and the rest, Kerri saved her autistic kid using chlorine dioxide. She was able to help 100,000 other vaccine damaged children before Facebook was censored.

Watch the Rumble video of this interview HERE

In a day when we are told to trust lying authorities and ignore the evidence before our eyes, Kerri describes her massive and undeniable experience treating and often curing autism. She is an O.G., internet slang for Original Gangster, a highly respected pioneer.

Kerri’s last book, Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism, was published in 2014, but her new book will be out in a few weeks. Watch her interviews on Brighteon TV from Consulting with Kerri is invaluable if you have problems. Email her at if you are interested. 

The most valuable thing I learned from this interview was that chlorine dioxide solution (CDS), as described by Kalcker and others, is far less effective for autism than the stronger original chlorine dioxide (CD) mix that Humble invented earlier and called MMS. This does cause more stomach upset and other side effects, however. Herx reactions can also happen as parasites die. People over 50 tolerate this poorly and should be treated with CDS.

Kerri first heard about CD in 2009 when she was at her wit’s end with her autistic boy. This was before Google was censored, so she searched it for a solution. She read that chlorine dioxide helps with heavy metals, kills fungus and bacteria, and decreases inflammation. It sounded to her as if it was designed for autism. When she tried it, Rivera witnessed her kid improve on the first day. This put her on a mission to protect and cure many thousands of other vaccine victims.

Her life has been difficult since then. She moved from the US to Mexico and more recently to Germany. Kerri has been unable to help children there because of the legal peculiarities. Bizarre people have hassled her, some of whom have claimed that her treatments harmed kids. Three years ago, one started a lawsuit. Rivera’s house was searched and she incurred lawyer fees; fortunately the action has gone nowhere.

Kerri also told me:

  • CD mobilizes heavy metals, but a chelator is needed to eliminate it. Rivera told me that oral EDTA and/or zeolite can help. Touchstone zeolite brand is the one she recommends. 

  • Kerri emphasizes that autism and other toxic syndromes usually have several causes and that combination treatments work faster. She says, “There is no one-hit wonder.” Therapies that Rivera has used to treat autism include:

    • Hyperbaric oxygen

    • Gluten-free diets.

    • Mebendazole, a nontoxic drug that goes mouth to anus in twelve hours and kills parasites. 

    • Humic and black seed are old treatments that seal “leaky” guts.

  • Parkinson’s patients have leaky guts, so their diet matters. Sean Baker’s carnivore diet podcasts show what they need to do. Chlorine dioxide and methylene blue (25 drops of the liquid twice a day in water) help them as well. No food should be taken for an hour before and after the methylene blue.

  • Several pediatrics practices that have kept records have never seen a single case of autism in kids who were never vaccinated. These include Paul Thomas’s experience (he published this but is now retired) and another near Chicago.

References is where to learn more and sign up for Kerri’s newsletter.

She answers questions at

You had better learn about chlorine dioxide, for it could save your life. And send this article to anyone you care about.

Keri is a brave warrior who deserves our support. Click the image above to help her by ordering her products. Her canned ghee, water purifiers, and chlorine dioxide are critically important. She carries methylene blue and a nasal nebulizer that will help you fend off viral illnesses using iodine and hydrogen peroxide. She also offers books about important health topics such as the carnivore diet at

Parting Shot

Rescue Yourself, the last chapter of Judas Dentistry

No one is coming to save any of us. We must research as if our lives depend on it, for they do. I suggest looking at the following first, but there is far more. We will only survive if we use all our wits, cunning, and thinking flexibility.

See you around the study hall. Warning: I have a bad habit of wasting other students’ time during my breaks.

#1. Commercial products are “gateway drugs” to chlorine dioxide.

FrontierPharm’s mouthwash, nail fungus solution, and Snoot! nose spray are safe, powerful, and effective. These make chlorine dioxide easy to use and remove any guesswork. HERE is the Rumble link to my interview with Valerie Alliger-Bograd and Michelle Herman, the company founders.

The use of chlorine dioxide to treat disease is heavily suppressed and there are prohibitions against making claims. These are akin to the rules chiropractors face. In many states, they are forbidden to say that they treat or cure and can only state that they support good health. To comply with laws like these, Snoot! Spray is marketed as a “nose cleanser.”

Making CD is inexpensive, and it is an old, well known compound that cannot be patented. Without this, it offers no hope of substantial corporate profits, so there is no incentive to study it in the ways Rockefeller Medicine claims is required for credibility. But thousands of success stories are evidence that it works. As you learn about CD, remember what Pierre Kory said, “A thousand anecdotes become data.” I call them proof.

I am in a multi-decade battle to the death with the nail fungus I caught from my climbing shoes. Once a week, I use a Dremel tool to grind it down and apply the ointment du jour. Nothing has worked. I have been unwilling to take oral antifungals for fear they would damage my brain and liver. Fluconazole is fluoridated, for God’s sake. 

Until recently, I assumed my infestation would outlive me. But Frontier Pharma’s product is turning the tide, and I am hoping to watch my fellow traveler die before my eyes! I hope I do not sound sadistic, but I am enjoying poisoning it. 

I have friends with mouth problems, and they say that Frontier’s mouthwash is helping them. Val gets grateful phone calls every week.

Val and Michelle are far from rich and nearly abandoned their business in frustration two years ago. Their company faces the same growth problems as any startup—how does it bootstrap and grow? Frontier and Snoot started affiliate sales with multilevel marketing (MLM) capacity. This takes advantage of the small but vocal group who understands CD and incentivizes them to sell it. 

You can use the links below to join their program. It is not another tired old MLM. Most of these require an upfront ‘investment,’ then sell humdrum or nearly useless household products. CD is unique—it is virtually unknown and works phenomenally well. The big corporations stand against it, for it threatens their revenues. Val and Michelle have had to listen to their lies about chlorine dioxide being bleach for years.

An affiliate link HERE ( takes you to the Frontier website and the Snoot! Spray products. If you want to help spread the word, join Val and Michelle’s MLM program HERE ( You can make your own custom affiliate link and create your coupon code at the bottom of the registration form. Send these to your referrals. There is no purchase requirement, minimum order, or “starter package.” Growth rather than short-term profits is the goal.

“Legal” disclaimer: If you join the Frontier or the Snoot! spray group, never say their products cure or treat disease. This has criminal penalties. Val, Michelle, and their companies make no such claims.

I am retired, so I give no specific medical advice. This information is for general education only. If you have health problems, find an experienced, licensed provider to treat you. But never check your critical thinking abilities at the door—do your research and participate in your care.


Michelle Herman,; Owner and President.

Valerie Alliger-Bograd, Owner and President of Frontier Pharmaceutical, Inc.,, O: 631-367-3400

#2. Learn to make chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) in your kitchen:

The following videos show a method of dissolving pure CD in water popularized by Andreas Kalcker:

HERE ( Elliot from



HERE is how to conveniently make a quart at a time.

The process happens inside a sealed jar or bottle surrounded by water. The CD gas that is produced saturates the water. The solution will last many months if refrigerated in a sealed bottle.

Jim Humble invented a way to make a closely related but stronger preparation, dilute sodium chlorite (NaClO2) solution. Sodium chlorite 22.5 percent is mixed with an “acid activator.*” It is ready to dilute and consume a minute later. Although it is effective and most people tolerate it well, it has an unpleasant taste and can occasionally cause stomach upset, diarrhea, and, rarely, vomiting. But it is more effective than CDS against autism and probably other severe conditions such as Lyme. People over 50 can avoid problems by sticking with CDS.

Humble created confusion by inventing multiple names for his creation. He called the above “Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)” and Kalcker’s pure CDS “activated MMS.”

* Four percent hydrochloric acid is best, but alternatively, lemon juice, lime juice, or vinegar (5% acetic acid) may be used. Citric acid 50% works but causes more side effects unless you are using the glassware to make CD solution as above. THIS LINK may be more than you need to know about this.

See my Substack article HERE for more.

To obtain ingredients:

✪ Buy pre-made CDS solution for “water purification” here.

✪ For $200 or less, you can get half gallons of sodium chlorite 22.5% and hydrochloric acid 4% from chemical companies selling on Ebay and elsewhere. You can make enough CDS or CD for your entire neighborhood for years.

✪ A simple manufacturing method using a tablet added to a base solution is HERE.

✪ Amazon sells small amounts of these ingredients in dropper bottles, but many of the links seem to have been censored. HERE is one that still works.

#3. How Andreas Kalcker’s followers fire their dentists

Testimonial from Forbidden Health (2018), pages 175-6 (abridged slightly for clarity).

A few months ago, one of my fillings fell out. I didn’t go to the dentist for about a week… eating was very painful. By the time I went to the dentist, the pain was unbearable and had extended to my jaw. My dentist removed the remnants of the filling and fixed my tooth with resin as I requested. I wanted to remove all the metal from my mouth…

I went back a week later since I still had pain from eating… My dentist said there was no option except to pull the tooth or do a root canal. I… said, “Give me one week…” I started the following procedure:

Put 1 ml of CDS in a small glass. (If CDS is not available, use MMS.) Wait at least one minute before adding 1.5 ounces (45 cc) of distilled water. If you are using CDS, there is no reason to wait. Add 20 drops of 70% DMSO.  If your DMSO is 99% pure, dilute it to 70% by adding 30% distilled water. 

Put this solution in your mouth and hold it over the affected tooth for one and a half minutes, then spit it out. You may then rinse with distilled water, but this is not necessary. Repeat this procedure at least three times a day, especially after each meal and brushing your teeth.

You may notice an improvement on the same day. In about 49 hours, the pain should disappear. Depending on the degree of infection, continue for about five more days. If the tooth bothers you again, continue for two or three more days.

My tooth is safe and sound, and I do not need a root canal. 

#4. How Debbie Butler is curing her health problems, conclusion: 

I went to a biological dentist, and after an eight-hour struggle, he removed three root canals and a dead tooth that had a mercury filling. 

I immediately felt better. All my numbness and other symptoms that began when I had my third root canal placed about two years earlier started to fade. My mummified teeth had been suppressing my immunity, and when the third one was placed, this must have crossed my resistance threshold, and I became sick.

After my teeth were extracted, my nose stopped running, and I stopped sneezing. Dr. Schroeder had the same experience when he had his amalgams removed. 

The dentist sent the teeth for a $1000 DNA examination. (Yoho note: Similar tests are available in Europe for about $300 at It returned positive for three (3) tick-borne species related to Borrelia burgdorferi, the Lyme spirochete. These were Borrelia recurentis, Babesia duncani, and Babesia microti. 

Judging by my symptoms, I had been infected for at least 12 years. When I broke my leg in the auto accident in 2014, my toe tingling turned into severe neuropathy. I learned that trauma and even extreme stress can activate tick disease. I must have crossed my resistance threshold again.

A few months after my 2021 accident and revision knee replacement, I was orthopedically improved but still had pain in my legs and numbness in most of my body, including the inside of my mouth. I could hardly walk. Lyme disease causes neurological problems like this.

I have spent untold hours on Lyme Facebook pages. One group had 25,000 members. No one seemed to be responding to antibiotics or other Western treatments. Many were wheelchair- or bed-bound. I quit Facebook because they seemed hopeless, and I could no longer listen to them. 

Then, I stumbled on chlorine dioxide (CD). I saw no success reports on Google despite searching three pages deep. CD seemed like a fraud. But I began reading Dr. Kalcker, who said CD cured Lyme disease. His protocols instructed me to drink it hourly, most of the day, for six weeks or more. 

I was desperate, so I tried it. It did smell like bleach. I mixed the 4 percent hydrochloric acid activator and the 25 percent sodium chlorite and drank it all day. Most of my symptoms disappeared on the first day. I had no stomach upset or diarrhea, so I gradually increased my dose. I was kicked off Facebook when I returned and told my story. 

I am at six weeks, and I feel 100 times better. The numbness is slow to improve, but I know nerves take a long time to heal. I am making chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) using the Kalcker method, and I do not intend to quit.  

When Deb missed her CDS for two days, the symptoms came back with a vengeance. She is increasing her dose and hoping that four to six months of treatment will finally cure her.

Judas Dentistry will soon be available everywhere uncensored books are sold. HERE is how to download it free now.