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This wide-ranging discussion is critical background for anyone alive in 2023.

I recorded this at 1.75 x speed and listened to it at 2 x speed. Use headphones. If you want to listen to the original, HERE it is. 

Kennedy's voice has recovered. He discusses the news that the MI5 British spy organization works with US and British news platforms and social media to censor us. The corporations are purportedly private entities and can legally do this, but when they conspire with the government, they violate the First Amendment and should be prosecuted. 

Kennedy explains why the First Amendment is so important and how it is the foundation of US law. He also describes many corruption problems in America and discusses the "amnesty" articles that are appearing.

RFK recently announced his entry into the US presidential race. His plans for how he will win are credible. Mercola told the audience that this gave him "an incredible sense of hope" and that he "got goosebumps" when Kennedy said he was running for president. I had the same reaction. RFK is our best chance to clean up the mess and turn back the genocidal corporations. I will get involved with his race.

Caveats: Kennedy commented about the recent railroad disaster, blaming it on corporations that refused to spend billions updating obsolete braking systems. My railroad engineer insider Fred Smith who helped me write THIS post, told me today that the newer technology is not revolutionary and would have produced only a moderate improvement in stopping distance. His opinion is that this would not have prevented the accident. 

Kennedy also criticized the single engineer system, saying there should be two. This sounds reasonable, but although RFK is credible about so much else, he is a layman here. The bottom line is that having dual engineers has been considered and rejected many times and that the accident was due to mechanical failure. To explain, I put Fred Smith's comment at the end of this post.

It is easy to point fingers because of all we have seen recently. Companies do whatever they can get away with, and our regulatory structures are in tatters. However, I was persuaded by some of the most experienced railroad people in the US that a train crash conspiracy was unlikely.

RFK is an environmental lawyer and sees issues through that lens. He hates pollution and corporate abuses of our country's environment. I have no skills in his area, but my inferences from what I have read are that our ability to control the poisons we produce has gradually improved and that we compare favorably with the rest of the world. 

After years of a daily tsunami of idiocy hitting my intellectual windshield, I refuse to believe the sky is falling—ever. You must not fall prey to this either. Worry doesn’t empty tomorrow of it’s sorrow but it does empty today of it’s strength (Corrie Ten Boom.) Stay frosty but calm, for we all have important work and must play our parts. This includes donating to Mr. Kennedy’s election campaign at I did.

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It was a situation for despair, but there was no alternative but to keep one’s nerve. — Colonel Heinz-Gunther Guderian, a Panzer commander facing the Allied invaders on D-day

If thou workest at that which is before thee, following right reason seriously, vigorously, calmly, without allowing anything else to distract thee, but keeping thy divine part pure, as if thou shouldst be bound to give it back immediately; if thou holdest to this, expecting nothing, fearing nothing, but satisfied with thy present activity according to nature, and with heroic truth in every word and sound which thou utterest, thou wilt live happy. And there is no man who is able to prevent this. — Aurelius, Meditations (George Long translation)

You are allowed to be angry if your indignation is righteous. — Thomas Aquinus

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Fred's comment about having two conductors on every train: Hardly anyone has a clue. In short, there has always been one engineer. In the old days, an engineer and a fireman were in the cab. With no steam engines, there was no need for a fireman. Even so, the firemen remained until the 1970s, and in the 80s, the conductor and brakeman were in cabooses. With improvements in communication technology, the conductor went up into the cab, and they got rid of the brakeman position. Now, in place of the caboose, a telemetry device tells the engineer if the train's rear is intact. This is also called the Freight Read End Device (FRED). When the engineer places the brake handle in the emergency position, a signal goes to the FRED to expel air from the train line pipe, so the brake action starts from both ends of the train, which is a good thing. Railroads want to eliminate the conductor altogether, but that is getting stiff resistance. The bottom line is that the accident was a mechanical failure and had nothing to do with crew size. Heck, in the early 1900s, a fireman and an engineer were both in the cab. Plus a conductor, brakeman, and flagman in the caboose. 

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