Oct 24, 2022 • 1HR 7M


This is the companion piece to the other release earlier today.

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This information is for both patients and doctors. It exposes healthcare corruption.
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Face the facts. Then act on them. It’s the only mantra I know, the only doctrine I have to offer you, and it’s harder than you’d think, because I swear humans seem hardwired to do anything but. Face the facts. Don’t pray, don’t wish, don’t buy into centuries-old dogma and dead rhetoric. Don’t give in to your conditioning or your visions or your f****d-up sense of . . . whatever. Face the facts. Then act.

—QUELLCRIST FALCONER from Richard Morgan’s Altered Carbon

This is the Kilroy Williams podcast. HERE he is on Spotify, and HERE on Iheart. I think Kilroy should throw the video up on Rumble, so you can see his face get whiter and whiter as I laid out the bleak reality for him. There’s hope, though, so listen to the end.

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