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The Global Predators plan to eat their lunch plus yours as well, part 2

The Global Predators plan to eat their lunch plus yours as well, part 2


by Christian Elliot, abridged and read by Robert Yoho. For our podcast together, see this LINK.

This is a follow-up to Christian’s posts 18 Reasons, Covid Wizards, and 17 Reasons. The original is HERE.

SUMMARY, parts 1 and 2

The global predators are not shy about revealing their plans, and Covid is just the beginning. Central banks have worldwide, overwhelming economic power. Their sociopathic leaders are inflating and collapsing our currency to tighten their noose on us. They promote these menacing acts with names such as “the Great Reset.”.

Titanic companies and immensely wealthy individuals are flexing their power, and they have purchased the media. Money has been aggregated in monstrous institutions such as BlackRock. They advocate totalitarianism, and they have open plans to use central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) to control both individual and world finances.

The Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank for International Settlements run the planet’s money. They operate in secret and are only accountable to their private shareholders. The International Monetary Fund wields vast international powers as well.

A few thousand people manage and control these groups. They openly document their plans on websites, at conferences, and even through patent filings. They maintain their control by compromising and blackmailing their subordinates and others.

This situation is a mortal disease, but there are life-saving treatments. For the Covid frauds and murders, Dr. David Martin is implementing a legal strategy to put the perpetrators on trial. I will show you how you can help. Freeing ourselves from the central bankers will be more difficult, but Bitcoin adoption might do it.

As you work your way through this essay, you will find some creepy videos starring Dr. Strangelove-type characters with German accents. If you watch these criminals on the videos, you will meet this evil face to face. If these people prevail, we will be living soon in a real-life version of the novel 1984.

If you cannot go through this post, either because you cannot stand it or do not have the time, here is a completely accurate satire of the situation.


The following video explains how the global financial system has been consolidated and how the media is controlled. These forces have come together and are attempting to create a criminal, dystopian “New World Order.” Use THIS LINK to access the video below.



Founded in 1988, BlackRock is one of the two most powerful financial asset management companies in the world. This two-minute video explains how BlackRock and the Fed secretly collaborate. They see themselves as Montagu Norman’s “principal men…now engage[d] in forming an imperialism to govern the world.” Here is a video showing Larry Fink, the founder of BlackRock. He says that the global economy prefers totalitarianism because democracies are “messy.”


Joe Biden’s nominee—or rather Joe Biden’s handlers’ nominee—for one of the top banking regulator positions is Saule Omarova. From Epoch Times November 9, 2021):

It would be best, she outlined in a series of articles and papers, to virtually abolish private banking. Every American would have a bank account set up at the Fed and authorities would be free to inflate the currency by issuing interest on the deposits or even crediting the accounts directly. To counter inflation, the Fed could also slash interest rates or even, if all else fails, take away people’s money as needed, she proposed in a recent paper.    

Omarova says that people spending their money (cash) without government tracking is wrong. Thankfully, the nomination of Omarova was withdrawn, but who will come next?


Ronald Bernard is a former Dutch banker who worked his way into the inner circle of the people who pull the central banking strings. HERE is his chilling testimony from 2018, and HERE is more.

Catherine Austin Fitts, the publisher of The Solari Report, described what is happening:

Just like there is a magical place called Disney World where an underground infrastructure creates the experiences we see above ground, so too is there an invisible, underground economy that dictates what happens in the “above ground” economy that the rest of us 99% interact within.

Fitts says that what is different today is that those who control the politicians are cutting political leaders out. “The central power of wealth under leading financiers” is now controlling the politicians and governing the world.

But the global debt load is unsustainable, and the central bankers know it. As Mark Moss points out, historically speaking, we are on a timeline for the collapse of the fiat system.

How much longer this can go on is unknown, but the central bankers can’t stop the inevitable end of their system. They are out of moves. The only way they have a chance to “protect their capital” is to reset the game. The Great Reset is an attempt by these “leading financiers” to manufacture a crisis and present themselves as the saviors.

We know about the future they envision. “Event 201” was a multi-national event that simulated a global Coronavirus pandemic response. Following the script, the actual pandemic broke out a couple of months later. This rehearsal was funded by a mid-30s billionaire, Dustin Moskovitz, the co-founder of Facebook.

Their newest public simulations include:

Prince Charles just called for trillions of dollars and a “warlike” effort to combat the emerging “climate crisis.” More money printing and inflation are part of these plans. Katherine Austin Fitz comments further about the situation HERE.


  • Short term: Dismantle the Covid frauds

  • Longer-term: Get rid of central banking

The U.S. democracy was designed by our brilliant founders using checks and balances between the three branches of government. Our executive and the legislative branches are now heavily compromised. The only area still partially functioning is the courts. They are rejecting many of the mandates and other parts of this dark agenda. Because of this, many big businesses are dropping injection mandates. And in the cases that are lost, judges often telegraph the kind of arguments needed to win. One example is the 5th Circuit ruling in this case.

The video below explains David Martin’s path to victory over the Covid frauds. I have had hours of personal contact with him and respect him immensely. His main points are:

  1. Eight of the crimes related to Covid are easily provable.

  2. The penalty for each felony is 99 years in prison.

  3. Nine prominent defendants are guilty of breaking multiple laws.

  4. Attorney Generals or District Attorneys can prosecute these people.

Use THIS LINK to access the video below.


Here is an explanatory letter about the lawsuit:

 Please help:

  1. Get this letter about the case in the hands of every Attorney General and District Attorney in the country. We must not relent until we have many cases filed.

  2. Ask your AG or DA to meet with Dr. David Martin so he can help them not to lose the case before they begin.

  3. Understand that attorneys and judges are real people with ordinary fears. We must support them.

Stretch yourself to think of ways to rally your friends and neighbors. We need to get this information in front of appropriate attorneys, and we must protect them. When we win this case, one lynchpin of the globalist agenda will be destroyed and their house of cards will collapse.


To use David Martin’s words, we can remove the leverage these tyrants have by moving the fulcrum of their money supply. Here are four small, near-term ways we can begin to unravel their centralized control:

  • Use cash – the last thing the globalists want is for us to be able to transact outside their control grid. All of us using cash just one day a week would go a long way.

  • Find a local bank that’s not part of the “tapeworm 20” banks that invest our money in the globalist consolidation of wealth. To find a good bank, read this.

  • Start spending and investing your money strategically. Shift your money away from corporations that are participating in this criminal conspiracy.

  • Do your homework on Bitcoin. It is the only cryptocurrency worth considering and the only legitimate, decentralized threat to central banking. Good references include The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking and Thank God for Bitcoin: The Creation, Corruption and Redemption of Money. I also liked Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can't F*ck With: Why bitcoin will be the next global reserve currency. It is an easy read.

Bitcoin has the potential to give the world a stable currency with no person or group controlling the money supply. If Bill Gates and his billionaire buddies tell you not to invest in it, and China is banning it, the path to freedom is obviously the other way. If we can unravel the predators’ monetary control, we will get our autonomy back.

No one is coming to save us, and we will not be allowed to go “back to normal.” We are in a race between centralization and independence. I look forward to meeting you at the barricades.



We are launching The Sovereignty Project. It will help you disentangle from the control grid. If you want to stay up to date as the program unfolds, look at and subscribe. Want to help shape the program? Take our survey here.

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