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221. Sasha Latypova is interviewed by Peter Breggin

221. Sasha Latypova is interviewed by Peter Breggin

If you have yet to learn about Latypova and her work, it is a brutal reality slap.

This interview was taken from I might have been able to get this guest on my podcast, but Dr. Breggin did such an outstanding job that copying his “homework” was irresistible. You can keep the secret from him, right? As Picasso said, "Good artists copy, but great artists steal."

This is recorded at double speed using a sophisticated setup: an iPhone, GarageBand, and a microphone. A reader told me he finally tried listening to podcasts at faster speeds after he heard a few of my posts, and now he does it all the time. But if you hate fast speeds, you will find the original HERE.

RFK had a similar interview with Latypova HERE on Children’s Health Defense. I think Breggin does a better job—his interview is that good.

Ms. Latypova is a retired Pharma contractor, so she knows the system. She describes the fraudulent legal framework surrounding the COVID jabs and how the US Department of Defense is managing and perpetrating the crimes. Breggin and she agree that our opponents may be willing to burn the world down and rule over the ashes if it guarantees their success.

Here are the show notes:

Shocking but incontrovertible new data demonstrates that the Department of Defense is at the top of the federal organizational board for operating COVID-19. Internal U.S. documents confirm this. Sasha Latypova, formerly a Research & Development expert for the world’s largest and meanest drug companies, has been looking in depth at the evidence and the consequences of these discoveries about DoD control over COVID—all in the service of our global masters. 




Below is today’s update about Dr. Breggin from Ginger. We are all fragile; send your loving thoughts and prayers to them.

Peter Breggin MD Hospitalized

Recovering from COVID

by Ginger Breggin 

UPDATE: As of this date, April, 11, 2023, Dr. Breggin is being discharged from the hospital to return home and continue to recuperate.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

April 9, 2023.

My husband, Peter R. Breggin MD, and I deeply appreciate all the prayers, well-wishes, emotional support and concern we are receiving from all over the world. You lift our spirits and we count you all among the blessings in our lives.

We wish to extend our concern and compassion for families everywhere who are struggling with illnesses from COVID or from the life altering and threatening iatrogenic diseases being induced by the mRNA and DNA vaccines. We continue to call for a ban on all mRNA and DNA products and platforms, whether injected, introduced through food or by other means. As we stated in our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey, mRNA and DNA products and their platforms are experimental, toxic, unfit for human exposure, sometimes deadly and must be completely banned.

Dr. Breggin, myself, and my 96-year-old mother all fell ill with COVID several weeks ago. Each of us has been through the hospital emergency department during the course of our illnesses. My health continues to improve. My mother had to be hospitalized for four days and is now home with me. Due to vision and hearing impairments she needs a companion in the home at all times, so I am back and forth to the hospital to be with Peter.

Dr. Breggin had to go to the hospital Emergency Department for the second time on Good Friday, with unresolving oxygen levels, breathing issues and elevated pulse plus fever. He has been diagnosed with COVID pneumonia and hospitalized since then and is receiving good care with all the recommended treatments and support. We have a team of colleagues including COVID doctors consulting remotely and a beloved friend who is an RN advocating in the hospital at his side 24 hours daily. My husband is mobile, fully lucid, and between naps he is writing and thinking.

Dr. Breggin is going to have a great deal to say and share as he recovers.

Thank you all for your love and support during this unprecedented experience.

Next is a sample from Katherine Watt’s Bailiwick News: Smashing the Overton window

She is a colleague of Latypova and writes about how to defeat the criminals using our legal system. I scan these, but they are sometimes above my head.


MAR 21

Orientation for new readers.

I saw a Twitter¹ comment a few weeks ago, about the information and analysis that Sasha Latypova and I offer to the public discourse during the Covid-19 Constitutional crisis, describing it as —

So far outside the overton window at this stage virtually no one knows what to do with it.

The Overton window has been defined as “the range of policies politically acceptable to the mainstream population at a given time.”

The Twitter comment lines up with my experience of how a lot of people respond to our work.

Most thoughtful people have immediate, visceral responses.

Paraphrased, the first response is:

Whoa! This makes sense of a lot of things that don't make sense without it.

It explains things that aren’t explained by analyses limited to FDA incompetence, regulatory capture, and Big Pharma profiteering.

The second response is,

Wait, what the heck??? This can't be real!!! How can the US Government be engaged in a semi-covert war against its own people and the people of the whole world, on behalf of a handful of central bankster families, using financial system manipulation, public health emergency pretexts and bioweapons fraudulently labeled as vaccines?

And if it’s true, why does everybody in what we thought were positions of legitimate authority keep pretending it’s not happening, and doing nothing to stop the killing and looting?

The two responses sometimes occur simultaneously within one person.

Sometimes people cycle back and forth between the two.

I don’t find the Overton window concept all that useful anymore, because the legal, geopolitical waters — an ocean of State-sponsored, contract biowarfaredisguised as ‘public health — that we've been swimming in since January 2020 are uncharted waters.

I also don’t find the Overton window useful because, just like pseudo-laws and pseudo-information (media propaganda) are written by people deeply invested in blocking public understanding and constructive public response for as long as possible, the range of pseudo-acceptable political choices is set by the same people.

The Overton window is another version of the 1967 CIA Nurnad Memo, the conspiracy to discredit ‘conspiracy theories.’

Both are preemptive thought-stopping tactics.

They narrow of the range of publicly-thinkable, publicly-discussible problems.

They keep the field clear for complex criminal enterprises to continue.

I don’t think it’s possible to develop legitimate-law-based, geopolitical responses to global financial and biochemical war pretending (through illegitimate law and coordinated public lying) to be ‘public health’ programs — which is the crazy but true reality — that don’t also sound and often feel crazy.

Anything less radical than seemingly-insane responses are disproportionate to the crisis.

Adapting a Kurt Vonnegut point, “A sane geopolitical response to an insane geopolitical situation must appear insane.”

I empathize with the proverbial frogs. I imagine them sitting in the pot of warming water, considering their predicament as the boil approaches.

I imagine them weighing the pros and cons of staying in or trying to leap out; the hotness of the fire just outside and underneath the pot, where they will have to stick the landing; and the coolness of the ground outside the circle of the fire if they can ever hop that far.

One option is to calmly, quietly let the families that own the Bank for International Settlements finish the job they started a century ago to gradually centralize all geopolitical power, loot all the world’s resources, kill a whole lot more people, and enslave the survivors in ways that they describe as normal; politically-neutral; socially-acceptable; traditional and trustworthy but also cutting-edge and innovative; sensible; comfortable; safe and effective; incremental; inevitable; and unstoppable.

Another option is to try to dismantle the legal support structures, which are major support pillars for our crumbling society even as they’ve also, somewhat surprisingly, turned out to be mechanisms-of-killing-and-enslavement-action.

There are many more years of profound societal disorder ahead of us, whether the globalists push on unimpeded, or the People make some headway in wrestling the diabolical legal tools out of their hands and repairing some of the damage they’ve already wrought using those tools.

I’ve been thinking about these things because I got invited to participate in a podcast later this week, to talk about “legislative actions Congress must take to restore informed consent, medical freedom, and dismantle the biomedical experimentation state.”

I’ve addressed possible Congressional actions a few times:

For those posts, I focused mostly on the biomedical and national security aspects of the coup that the Bank for International Settlements has completed — effective January 27, 2020 — to overthrow the United States Constitution, sovereign government and People.

I diverge from many other Covid-era writers on this point. For good reasons, many other writers argue that the task before the world’s people is to prevent or stop the imminent relinquishment of national sovereignty to the World Health Organization and its financial backers.

But, as I’ve written and said previously, I think the invasion, the coup is complete.

Enemies foreign and domestic are already in power, occupying offices including HHS Secretary (Xavier Becerra) and Defense Secretary (Lloyd Austin).

National sovereignty has already been handed over to these enemies, through ‘public health emergency’ statutes, regulations, executive orders and contracts enacted, ratified and implemented by federal, state and local legislatures, executives and courts.

That's why I construe the task as identifying, isolating and extracting already-entrenched financial and biomedical occupiers from their pseudo-government² strongholds.

It’s not about stopping an invasion and occupation.

It’s about kicking the invaders out and bringing the occupation to an end.

It's about restoring rightful government, which is currently in covert-exile, held as covert-hostages, to power.

For readers interested in revisiting those arguments, here are some of the relevant posts:

I’m still thinking through how to prioritize Congressional actions, and still working to understand the structural lies at the heart of the global central banking system.

For now, I think a good Omnibus Repeal Act of 2023 would repeal, at minimum, the following:

  • Homeland Security Act (6 USC Ch. 1, Domestic Security)

  • Federal Reserve Act (12 USC Ch. 3, Banks and Banking)

  • International Bureaus, Congresses, Etc., (22 USC Ch. 7, Foreign Relations and Intercourse) including Subchapter XVIII, International Organizations Immunities Act, and Subchapter XX, World Health Organization

  • Defense Against Weapons of Mass Destruction Act, 50 USC Ch. 40, War and National Defense, including amendments to 10 USC Ch. 15, Armed Forces (Military Support for Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies), and amendments to 10 USC 382, renumbered to 10 USC 282, authorizing domestic deployment of military against civilians during “emergency situations involving chemical or biological weapons of mass destruction.”

  • Food Drug and Cosmetics Act, (21 USC Ch. 9, Food and Drugs), including Emergency Use Authorization program

  • Public Health Service Act (42 USC Ch. 6A, Public Health and Welfare), including Public Health Emergencies program and Vaccines program

  • Social Security Act (42 USC Ch. 7, Public Health and Welfare), including Medicare and Medicaid programs

  • Stafford Act/Disaster Relief Act (42 USC Ch. 68, Public Health and Welfare)

  • Chemical and Biological Warfare Program (50 USC Ch. 32, War and National Defense)

  • War Powers Resolution/War Powers Act (50 USC Ch. 33, War and National Defense)

  • National Emergencies Act (50 USC Ch. 34, War and National Defense)

  • Defense Production Act (50 USC Ch. 55, War and National Defense)

  • PATRIOT Act (Additions and Amendments to Title 8, Aliens and Nationality; Title 15, Commerce and Trade; Title 18, Crimes and Criminal Procedure; Title 31, Money and Finance; Title 50, War and National Defense; and Title 51, National and Commercial Space Programs

Congress broke America, at the behest of enemies foreign and domestic who wanted to build a pseudo-legal front onto ordinary cross-border looting, slave-taking and killing, so they could do it long-term, without facing detection or well-organized, effective resistance.

Congress broke America because members of Congress— some imprudent and cowardly, some greedy, treasonous and malicious — abandoned liberty for false security in response to orchestrated and false flag threats.

Congress can fix what they broke. None of the current members appear interested; not even Ron Johnson, who is furthest along the learning curve.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. It means there’s work to do, educating and emboldening them.

An Omnibus Repeal Act could begin with a Whereas sequence starting:

WHEREAS, prior Congresses and US Presidents have, for more than 100 years, under the influence of enemies foreign and domestic, through enactment of the following statutes and related appropriations, enabled and financed the covert theft from, enslavement, and mass murder of the American people, and

WHEREAS, in purported response to the events known as “Covid-19,” recent Congresses and US Presidents have expanded and provided additional funding for additional enslavement, theft and mass murder policies and programs enabled by these statutes, rendering them more immediately deadly and therefore more visible to the American people…

[WHEREAS clauses explaining how each statute enables theft, enslavement and killing of Americans by enemies foreign and domestic…]

THEREFORE, the following Congressional acts are hereby repealed…

St. Joseph, Carrying the Child Jesus. Painting by Pieter van Lint.


If you’re a Twitter user and have been sharing my work on that platform, thank you, and also please be aware that for about a week, Twitter has been carefully scrubbing almost all shares of my work within an hour or two of posting. Maybe they’ll stop doing that. Maybe they won’t.


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