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It was a situation for despair, but there was no alternative but to keep one’s nerve.

—Colonel Heinz-Gunther Guderian, a Panzer commander facing the Allied invaders on D-day

If you play Russian Roulette by spinning a six-shot revolver's cylinder using one bullet, your chance of dying is one in six. If you play Covid vax roulette, your chance of dying or being mortally wounded is about one in 200. The following is how to calculate your odds.

This is derived from Craig Paardekooper's Covid vaccine VAERS database analysis. HERE is the video showing his graphs and explanations.



VAERS, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, is the US government database that records the vaccine adverse events (AEs) reported by doctors and others. It is an incomplete but immense sample that lists the batches or “lots” for each company in the order they appeared. It also shows AEs by lot number and date of occurrence. The data is primarily from the USA.

"Hot lot" is a research phrase that the vax makers wish you would never hear. The original meaning was a defective product, such as baby spinach recalled for salmonella contamination. To understand what is happening with the Covid vaccine, imagine the food companies trying different doses of salmonella to determine how much damage they would cause. Paardekooper’s analysis is robust evidence that the Pharma companies did precisely that. They used us like lab rates to test their poisons. 

He analyzed the Covid jab harms recorded by VAERS and created the charts below, and I copied them from his video. This provides overwhelming evidence that the three manufacturers coordinated dose-response experiments to measure the toxicity and deaths from the different batches of their drugs. Controls without the poisons were likely used as well.

The odds of the results described below happening by chance alone seem nonexistent, but do not take my word for it. Look at the following summary, the references, and the videos.

The entire study is shown in the first slide below. The horizontal axis is time. Each blue dot is a manufacturing batch or lot that includes thousands of bottles with the same serial number. The higher on the vertical axis a blue dot appears the more deaths and other AEs were reported for the lot. The experiment was run over most of 2021.


(Degraded quality from video)

Here is what happened

  • VAERS recorded 28,330 Covid shot batches or lots. 

  • The dot's vertical height above the baseline reflects the number of VAERS AEs reported for each lot. 

  • About 95 percent of the batches are on the horizontal blue timeline at the bottom. These have few AEs and are relatively harmless. Some are likely saline controls (placebos). 

  • Although the dots/batches/lots above the blue baseline are all toxic, the hot lots are above the red line. These batches produce 1000-5000 deaths, disabilities, and other adverse events each and are 3000 to 5000 times riskier than the ones at the baseline.

  • Since the lots above the red line are only .65 percent (.0065) of the total, there is about a 1/200 chance that any given jab contains these very toxic contents. After two injections, your chances of getting a bad one of course doubles. However, your risk of damage or death with subsequent jabs increases much more because the poisons accumulate, which magnifies the risk. For comparison, the risk of dying from most major elective surgeries is 1/1000.

  • America was the target of this experiment. The conspirators spread vials from each numbered lot into every state to avoid local disease clusters that might be noticed. When the corporations did not take this precaution, the killer products could sometimes be identified. For example, Wyeth once used a hot lot of DPT vaccines in an area of Tennessee. It killed eight kids and made headlines. After that, the lots were mixed across state lines to make fatality grouping invisible

Who did it? Pfizer, J & J, or Moderna? Yes. 

Pasted Graphic 1.png

The same graph, annotated.

Johnson and Johnson ran the first tests. Their results are in the small red rectangle on the left. Next, casualties from Moderna are shown in the left-hand square. J and J did a brief second test (the middle red rectangle). Pfizer took over during the second half of the experiment, and their deaths and injuries are shown in the right-hand box.

Pasted Graphic 2.png

Detail: Pfizer’s testing period from the right (later) half of the chart, annotated.

Pfizer’s strict quality control is evidence they were running a death study.

  • Pfizer seems to have systematically deployed batches of varying toxicity and lethality during the last half of the trial. 

  • The adverse reactions for each toxic lot, as revealed by the height of the blue dots above the baseline, are clustered in a limited vertical range and marked in the above graph by the vertical red lines. These likely reflect individual dosages deployed over each limited period.

  • These results fit along the slanted plot line above. This is striking evidence that Pfizer started with a higher dose at the start (to the left), then decreased it in five steps over the study period. It looks exactly like an injury and lethality dose-response study.

  • Between each dose tested, there was a "clear" interval. Here, non-toxic, possibly placebo injections seem to have been used, and the adverse events declined to the baseline blue line. When the injuries and deaths from the lots are plotted, the trends are obvious.

Explaining this data with chance alone is far-fetched. The most likely explanation is it was a study designed to show that higher doses of these poisons injure and kill more people. We were and are being slaughtered like guinea pigs.


Evidence, settlements, and convictions document big Pharma's long history of mass murder and racketeering. They have their own Wikipedia page of shame about it.

Craig Paardekooper's data suggest that the three companies conspired under joint direction to plan and execute another Holocaust. Some sources estimate that by October 2022, the Covid vax will have killed 20 million people worldwide and injured 2.2 billion others. 

How could anyone trust a vaccine of any kind after seeing this, particularly one containing mRNA, such as the new influenza vaccine? How could anyone trust any products made by these companies? Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna.

If this work is accurate, these people are behaving like psychopaths. But evil as they are, they are likely only pawns of the global predators directing them. 

Craig-Paardekooper's call-out to doctors, nurses, and teachers about the vax:

Please check before allowing your child to receive Covid 19 vaccine.

Doctors and nurses can now check the number of deaths and disabilities reported for any vaccine batch before prescribing it. This way, they can provide better-informed consent before administering from a particular batch.

Every teacher involved in the vaccine deployment should be educating the students about vaccine safety, which means telling the students and parents the reported fatality numbers. Teachers can do this anonymously by texting parents using a different sim. Just send a short message to parents saying, "Vaccine Safety App -"

THIS video describes how to use the website.

Commentary by Dr. Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer executive from THIS source:

If you go from effectively nothing to the worst outcomes ever reported to VAERS, I am prepared to state and to prove that that means it’s not the same material in the lots that produce bad side effects.

These drug companies are highly professional outfits. They know how to manufacture reproducibly, and we saw that with the flu vaccines over decades. They know how to do it; they haven't done it…

I'm afraid I've come to the conclusion that they're doing it on purpose, because they're so professional, and after a year they know this data. This data is their window onto the world. They can go into VAERS; they can filter for their own products, and their own lot and batch numbers; and they can see what's happening. They know. So the fact they haven't stopped this tells me that they're at least okay with it—and I fear that this is deliberate…

I've described it to other people by saying, "I'm worried that this is the calibration of a killing weapon." (Yoho’s emphasis) [What if, soon,] there are vaccines that would be, say, ten times more lethal than Covid [jabs]—so killing one in a hundred people instead of one in a thousand, roughly: they could just move along and just deploy [bad] batch X or batch Y or batch Z, and that [mass death] is what would happen.


• Second author credit for this article: my collaborator Sherman.

• To repeat, see for everything about the vax.

• A Midwestern Doctor's Substack HERE describes similar events during the anthrax vaccination campaign. 

James Hill, MD, and Jessica Rose have also posted about this topic.

• If you can tolerate still more evidence, the following video proves that Pfizer's batch codes were numbered sequentially according to their toxicity. Access it HERE.

• A Midwestern Doctor found an analysis from Sweden's data which appears to show Pfizer is also testing hot lots there. This had been censored, so I dug it out of the Wayback Machine.

• If you need a break after this, watch Russell Brand's comical video, "You're not going to f******* believe this." Access it HERE on Rumble. It was censored off YouTube.