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With all due respect, this is supposed to make the residents of East Palestine feel better? Make everyone east of the Mississippi feel better? Feel healthier? Feel safer? Because what EVERYONE saw with their eyes and feel with their irritated skin and their hacking coughs and witnessed the dead marine wildlife, was all just a media psyop? Am I missing something here?

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Sadly, and I don't understand why, this article is a study in obfuscation.

THE WHOLE ISSUE IS SOLELY ONE OF ***DIOXIN***. One 5 grain tablet of dioxin would give a lifetime max dose to 32,000 people. Yet you say nothing. Why? You only note "Claims that the burn-off may have caused the “largest dioxin plume in world history... " and then, fantastically, SAY NOTHING ABOUT IT, when you obviously know that open air burning in atmosphere (oxygen, moisture) creates dioxin.


Shame on you for this, or at minimum, NOT doing your homework

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Author says he will prepare responses that we will post as another essay rather than replying to each individual one. I'm out of my depth but he is familiar with all train issues but not toxicity, which he explicitly disclaimed as not the topic he was addressing. Sorry to miss the topic you wanted us to cover. In the future, message me before I post and I'll try to cover what you are most interested in.

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My understanding is it was possible to safely handle the non-leaking chemicals. Zero need to burn them to create Dioxin plume and acid rain. Like injecting "Vaccines" this is a DOD approved solution.

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This article skipped the CENTRAL ISSUE! It’s the toxic chemical CONFLAGRATION that has killed chickens, fish, frogs, and every type of animal that needs to drink water from a creek or stream.

It’s the toxic chemicals inflicted upon human beings in their homes resulting in coughing up blood, projectile vomiting, rashes, headaches and will most certainly result in CANCER.

These chemicals are safe for human contact in very few parts per billion. The much-abused and neglected residents of East Palestine, Ohio - utterly abandoned by the illegitimate, criminal Biden regime - have been exposed to these chemicals in the parts per million, at a minimum. Their exposure is likely much higher and this chemical contamination has rendered all their possessions and their property irrecoverably toxic and worthless.

It’s the DIOXINS that have no doubt worked their way down into the water table and have flowed down into the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. This will affect agriculture for many years. It’s the black toxic cloud that has floated over much of Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and much of Canada which rained down dioxins and hydrochloric acid over millions of people and millions of acres of prime farmland.

This article is smugly dismissive of any notion that this “accident” was a planned and deliberate act of domestic terrorism against the American People. The snide reference to the recently released movie “White Noise” on Netflix is not an isolated incident. It’s the (transparently obvious) Predictive Programming film that depicts a toxic chemical spill and fire in East Palestine...

PLUS the CDC massively increasing the lethal exposure level of vinyl chloride that had remained unchanged for 17 years JUST BEFORE the train derailment in Ohio...

PLUS East Palestine residents were, without consultation, enrolled in the MyID medical information surveillance system. Bracelets to track their health were distributed THE DAY BEFORE the toxic derailment.

In the words of one wisely skeptical resident, “The fact that the program exists indicates that somebody somewhere knows something and wants to get data.” Precisely. This “accident” was intentional.

Why was East Palestine and by extension, all the farmers of Ohio and Pennsylvania attacked by chemical weapons set alight to disperse toxins far and wide? Why are rapacious opportunists looking to poison the fertile soil, bankrupt Ohio and Pennsylvania farmers and steal all their water resources?

Because Intel is planning on investing $20 billion in the State of Ohio to build 2 of the largest computer chip manufacturing plants in the world outside of Columbus, Ohio. The one resource they must obtain cheaply and in great abundance is WATER! The “accident” in Ohio is the first salvo of the Water Wars in the United States.

Intel’s new water-guzzling chip factories are scheduled to come online in 2025. Intel promises 3,000 jobs and 7,000 construction jobs to Licking County, Ohio. The site being developed can accommodate up to 8 chip factories with a total investment in Ohio of $100 billion. Imagine how much cheap water will be required to accomodate the requirements of the “largest on the planet” chip factory site. Intel decided that farming in Ohio and Pennsylvania MUST GO!

That kind of money can BUY ANY POLITICIAN. That kind of money can buy AN ACT OF DELIBERATE GENOCIDE...And apparently it has.

The complicit collaborators and depraved co-conspirators offering flaccid platitudes, lame justifications and clownish distractions think the American People are stupid.

We notice everything. We may be slow to anger and exercise saint-like forbearance, but it would be a fatal mistake to regard this as stupidity. There will be no forgetting. Forgiveness is absolutely out of the question. In the final analysis, there will be no mercy, no excuses, no exceptions of any kind...Justice is coming.

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Thanks for this informative report.

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It was a good write up, but failed to mention the train was much longer than typically seen at 151 cars. 80-90 is avg now. The longer train undoubtedly contributed. There is insufficient monitoring either onboard or stationary external gear, for this to progress to failure of multiple systems.

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Norfolk Southern thanks you for this. It smacks of their propaganda. There's definitely some calm logic to be gleaned here, but beyond the mechanical aspect and industry practices aspect, the author has no expertise to assess health impacts. The health impacts are the concerning part.

Sure the media is garbage. They are owned by the exact same investors as Norfolk Southern. But if the pendulum has swung all the way to one side (the media side), this article swings all the way to the other. Truth and reality are somewhere between and none of us know where that is now and potentially not for a long time to come. There is no minimizing the burn off.

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Fantastic essay. Thanks for setting the record straight.

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"Eleven of the 50 derailed cars contained high-hazard materials, including vinyl chloride (5 cars), benzene residue (2 cars), butyl acrylate (1 car), isobutylene (1 car), ethylene glycol monobutyl ether (1 car), and ethylhexl acrylate (1 car). Additional cars carried low-level hazard combustible liquids"

This train derailed 23 miles from it's final destination in Conway, PA.

I have three questions.

1) Is it normal for a train to be carrying such a high quantity of such highly dangerous, toxic materials?

2) Who were these materials being delivered to in Conway, PA?

3) Has Norfolk Southern provided a manifest that documents who actually ordered these materials?

Surely there must be a manifest documenting who ordered these materials, and to what company or companies they were being delivered to.

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Good article except the author totally dismisses as ridiculous the claims by Eric Coppolino and many other researchers that there was an immense release of Dioxin on burning - which happened Robert ; it’s chemistry. And no mention of other dioxin related health catastrophes from other incidents.

And worse the article offers no explanation why this is a ridiculous claim .

No evidence or sources offered .

I would have expected more than a gloss over from this author on such a potentially very serious matter.

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"...The reaction between vinyl chloride and water can produce other less desirable and potentially hazardous byproducts, including hydrochloric acid, a highly corrosive and toxic compound. "

Yeah, and when it settles on the ground an alters PH???? What about the microbiome? Do you even KNOW the half life of dioxin? The minumum allowable amount per the EPA before cancer risk goes way up? What about the cows, milk, etc that pass this into the food chain?

All we got with this article was a long winded discussion of details that, frankly, will mean diddly squat in a month. But if in fact dioxin is as bad as we know it is, you'd have zero clue from this article. Rather, it reads like some long-winded exculpatory tome to bore people to death, all the while skipping the VERY MAIN POINT - the dead body in the room, i.e, that dioxin.

Oh yeah. And thanks for the visit EPA, Buttegieg, etc. If this had been other than a rural white, Republican county, Buttegieg would have been there in a hearbeat. the "if it bleeds it leads" would not have taken 10 day to even note it happened, and Biden would have given 0.0001% of the money he gave to fascist Zelensky to these folks.

As noted, this article was a study in obfuscation. VERY disappointing, and insult the the readers, and I am shocked that this was put out.

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The legal rights probably signed away and forfeited by signatures of possible victims on this paper probably include right to file a lawsuit against Norfolk Southern railroad.


The company hired by Norfolk Southern has already persuaded 340 residents to sign agreements that reportedly waive their legal rights in the aftermath of Ohio's train crash.

The Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health (CTEH), a private contractor hired by Norfolk Southern to test water, soil, and air quality in East Palestine, Ohio, has a history of minimizing the effects of environmental disasters to satisfy its corporate employers, according to critics.

While the Arkansas-based firm provides consulting services to various industries, it is known for performing toxicology monitoring for the oil and gas industry following health and safety incidents.

After a million gallons of oil spilled on a Louisiana town in 2005, after a flood of toxic coal ash smothered central Tennessee in 2008, and after defective Chinese drywall began plaguing Florida homeowners, CTEH was on the scene — saying everything was fine.

In each of these cases, the toxicology firm was alleged to be supplying the data its employers wanted while falsely assuring the public that they were safe from harm.


Don't even get Dachsie started on the NTSB ! I remember how they "investigated TWA Flight 800 crash in New York. 700 witnesses swore they saw a missile strike the plane but that was ignored and another reason for the crash was given!

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In any first world country you transfer all hazardous materials to tanker trucks since by their own admission none of the rail cars containing such material were leaking or compromised from the accident. Then you clean up the mess. I don’t understand how the Governor came to consult with the military on how to proceed. In Canada the National Transportation Safety Board would’ve been in charge. That’s at a Federal level because they are responsible for railway safety not individual Provinces. In any event the manifest showed what was onboard. Vinyl Chloride is one of the most toxic chemicals there is. If you didn’t know that you could Google it but it’s your job to know. The decision to light it on fire was criminally insane.

The DOD told them that was the best option.

The liquid would just turn to a giant highly flammable gas cloud that would linger close to the ground....until something ignited it.

Image how big of a mess that would have been.

The real question to ask is why was so much of this stuff being shipped at once. 2.5 million gallons.

Who set that deal up?

Who's idea was it?

Who's ultimate decision?

What was the chain of command?

This thing (the train) was on fire. It was a large remediation zone and too dangerous to send in a crew to put it out.. perhaps. Maybe at the end of the day 4 or 5 guys would have said it would be worth it to risk going in personally.

Why the failure?

Why the ongoing failure?

Is blame even the issue?

What is accountability?

What are the risks of these chemicals in general?

Is it worth it?

Could it have been averted?

It's not a good situation. Huge remediation zone, massive understatement and response from "officials". More of what you'd expect from a chemical attack from another country

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Saying " a Study in Hysteria" in the article title and ignoring the vinyl chloride elephant in the room appears very odd to me.

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"It is up to the NTSB and other trusted professionals to reconstruct this accident forensically, determine ecological and health impacts, and implement corrective measures."

trusted 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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