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World Homicide Organization.

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There are millions of us who tried everything we could think of to warn our loved ones to not get injected with the experimental so-called “vaccine” only to find ourselves completely tuned out and even ostracized by the very people we were trying to protect.

A few of us were able to get through to a few of our loved ones before they lined up to be voluntarily Guinea pigs without giving serious consideration to any potential negative life-changing consequences of being injected with those shots.

Many of us watched in horror as some of our loved ones were harmed and even killed as a result of their choices.

In almost all cases, when pleading with our loved ones to do their own research (etc), we were told to mind our own business (“I’ll do me, you do you!”) and were even told that we were “the problem,”we were “being selfish and didn’t care about others,” and that we were “putting innocent lives in danger.” I’m sure I don’t need to explain this further since we’ve all been through these disheartening experiences repeatedly!

Personally, I’ve lost touch with several people including family members who have been quite vocal about how “stupid” and “irresponsible” my beliefs have been regarding the shots and everything else that occurred during the pLandemic and is continuing to happen now (and is going to happen in the future unless we do something to protect ourselves and make it stop.)

Even now, despite all the evidence that has been collected regarding the dangers of the shots, for example, many of these people still refuse to admit they made a mistake and should have listened to us instead of listening to the so-called “experts,” the bureaucrats, the “scientists”, doctors, Pharma, and their bought-and-paid-for media sellouts.

For example, both my brother, who is a dentist and his wife, a teacher are intelligent, well-educated people. At one point, right before their first shots and then their second doses, they stopped reading any of the articles I sent them and our open conversations about the shots and any subject related to the pandemic ceased.

From time to time I still send them information I’ve carefully selected with the hope that they might read it. I believe that the subject of this email is something that they might be interested in hearing about. However, as soon as they read the words “kill vax” they would not read any further. That alone would be enough to prejudice them against anything the article has to say.

I think it’s important to keep this in mind when writing or discussing any of these important issues. We don’t need to convince ourselves or others like ourselves who are already aware of the dangers we face.

These articles must be written for people like my brother and sister-in-law who still believe that we are “conspiracy theorists” or are on the fringe of the social norm despite evidence to the contrary. I believe they now know about the lies and the disinformation they were told, as well as the dangers of the shots that are being exposed pretty much on a daily basis and they might be willing to look into what’s really been happening behind closed doors in addition to the truth about the shots.

In my opinion, using words like “kill vax” (even though it is a truthful description) and other controversial words won’t help get these important points across to the masses who need to learn more about what’s really happening.

I think that when we clutter up our messages with the wrong words (usually due to our passion and knowledge about the subject) it comes across as though we ARE way over the top and perhaps even delusional! That’s when they lump us in with the “flat-earthers” and believers of the existence of “lizard people running the world.” (My condescending brother actually sent me articles about those things, insinuating that I was in the same category!) If we’re not careful with our wording, our intentions and intelligent messages get lost and their minds close down even tighter. We don’t want to give them any excuses to not want to hear what we’re saying.

I know that I’m not the greatest writer or communicator, but I hope my letter has been able to help convey my important message.

We are at the “11th hour” and there’s obviously not much time left to bring awareness to the rest of the masses.


Your points are well taken, and maybe I should change my style. The headlines were mine. I have heard your point of view before and I have colleagues who still write about "the mistakes that were made." It’s hard for me to characterize genocidal maniacs as making mistakes that accidentally killed millions.

HERE’S WHERE I ASK FOR SUGGESTIONS: Maybe someone here will come up with a useful strategy and at least we can debate it. Best to all.

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For the Nth time...WHO, you and Teddy can go to hell.

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The rejection of medical slavery and big pHARMa begins right NOW.

The next step is to find the fraud hidden as facts that retards the practice of medicine. I would like to Ignite your research and scrutiny, there is much to rediscover.

I have an article titled:

We breathe air not oxygen.

Air is measured by its moisture/humidity.

Oxygen is measured by its dryness or lack of moisture.

Lungs require air to reach 100% humidity at the alveoli.

Medical oxygen has 67ppm of water contamination.

Can you see the mismatch?

Oxygen exists only as a manufactured product. There is zero oxygen or nitrogen in our atmosphere. Oxygen is manufactured from air. The process strips moisture whilst increasing pressure.

Research oxygen toxicity and ponder the effects as the dehydration of a dry gas interfering with a wet system.

Oxygen gas was a necessary invention for metallurgy as was nitrogen gas. Never a health measure. Oxygen is prescribed primarily to the terminally ill. Not for breathlessness.

What is air?

Air is bubbles.

What is water?

Water is full bubbles or drops.

If you stir water bubbles emerge. This is the interface between water and the atmosphere we call air.

The lungs rehydrate RBCs. Just as the saline drip rehydrates RBCs. Red blood cells are saline sponges.

Red light monitoring is checking hydration.

Dehydrated RBCs are dark.

Hydrated RBCs are light.

Why is flu and colds seasonal?

Cold air holds the least moisture in combination with more time spent indoors with drier air.

Dehydration is the primary insult that begets respiratory distress and the symptoms of colds/flu.

The known solution: salt water gargles and nasal rinsing to revive respiratory mucosa.

Lung health was healed with seaside sanatoriums. Inhalation of sea air restores the lung mucosa.

Lungs perform best: sea level atmospheric pressure, adequate salt in diet for hydration and 30-50% humidity.

Hyperbaric chambers aid lungs due to the increased pressure. Oxygen is always toxic due to it’s dehydrating effects.

Please read and comment.


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The alternative scene is succumbing to LETS PANIC!

Sorry. Not doing it. Fk the WHO. And no, I don't want to "replace" the WHO. I want them gone.

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They’re not going to stop, but we sure as hell can.

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And the W.H.O. can deposit that needle in their hind quarters. If they want to take me out it is going to be a bit more difficult for them.

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Excellent information!! This is holocaust 2.0

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I still do not understand how this is even remotely constitutional. It’s a treaty. Treaties must be passed by 2/3 of the Senate to be binding. That isn’t going to happen. WHO has zero jurisdiction here. What am I missing.

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Sovereign individuals are NOT subject to arbitrary rules, posing as law, published by unelected institutions. We need to remember that implied consent is worthless and would stand up in no court of law which deals in real justice.

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The New World Order sucks.

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I hope this is not considered off-topic, but I wanted to spread this video.

I think this is very relevant.


Episode 92: The Yeadon Files


Former Pfizer Scientist Speaks Out

August 31, 2023

"Former Pfizer Vice President Mike Yeadon sits down with VSRF Founder Steve Kirsch for a wide-ranging discussion on Big Pharma, the Covid-19 vaccine, and the Corporate-State censorship regime."

I was a local activist against Agenda 21 and the United Nations WHO , eugenics, "NWO" almost 30 years ago. Had a bumper sticker Get US out of the UN etc.

As Dr. Yeadon PhD states repeatedly in this video the "table top simulations" , such as Event 201 in 2019 , Atlantic Storm etc., were part of the world planners agenda since at least the late 1990s.

Truth is our best secular weapon at this time. Only the One Who is Truth can help us now.

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I know, it's a buzz kill. We have to work at what we can.

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