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“I’ve honestly tried staying away from Substack - it’s been shown that not all information on that site is accurate.” From my 30yr old niece. I’m honestly loving alternative ideas I’m getting from the intelligent writers here. I’ve learned more in the last 7mos than I have in years. Thank you for posting this! I agree with his viewpoints. Wind turbines are so awful to look at and I’ve heard they want to put them in Lake Michigan. Sad times. Incredibly selfish ppl with too much money and time.

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I am a committed environmentalist, and I was an environmental studies program when the whole global warming thing really took off and the first Toyota Prius is entered the market. My sense at the time was that it was a corporate PR operation to redirect focus on environmental activism from serious environmental pollution to a nebulous unreachable target of "reducing carbon dioxide emissions. "It was remarkably depressing to watch all of the traditional meaningful environmental stuff get dropped, and at this point in time I feel the environmental movement is a shell of what it used to be because it's been tracked into focusing so much on the fossil fuel problem.

My own opinion is that the simplest solution to all of our energy issues is to develop green nuclear power systems (such as thorium reactors). My general perspective at this point in time is that the energy sector is like many other areas in society where the ultimate goal is to monopolize a life essential resource and make it scarce so that the supply of it is extremely limited.

I don't believe the current green technologies we are focusing on actually will have a meaningful impact on the environmental footprint humans are creating, but rather are transforming energy to a much scarce resource which is dramatically easier to essentially manage and thereby control the population.

The issue I personally have with a lot of this green technology is that it gives off a lot of EMFs I am irritation I experience from that it's not worth what I save for fuel costs.

Overall, if the powers that be were serious about transitioning to a green economy, assuming no exotic suppressed technology exists (which very well may), the simplest and best solution would be to deploy an effective Power grid that runs off of thorium reactors, and then develop the infrastructure to use fuel cell cars, as they represent a dramatically denser, more environmentally sustainable and cheaper energy storage medium then any battery technology ever will.

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I haven’t seen a natural cloud for months.

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I was in elementary school during Carter Presidency. The only thing that changed is we now have islands of plastic in our oceans. We were going to be underwater by the time they pulled off 9/11.

Hysterical how Obama and Mike bought on Hawaii and Martha vineyard & the boys are big on pushing climate change/ global warming for the little people.

As a kid I thought we’d have solar everywhere and reusable grocery bags and glass bottles and wax paper. Hoax , & a way for money laundering for the sold out politician both parties.

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Now you can add baby formula, and food. And we are Nullifying the 2nd Amendment, so only criminals own guns. And only a select few will rule, you peons are just slaves to keep us in the life styles WE WANT. The new NEA mantra is SEL Socialize, Emotional Learning. Propaganda.

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