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I grew up having dogs, cats and horses. We have been using ivermectin on the horses since the mid 1970s. When CV hit, my sister and I immediately went to Tractor Supply and bought multiple tubes and the liquid form. We did not take the shots. We have told our friends and family, most of whom ridiculed us, but it worked. Neither of us got CV until a year and a half into the plandemic and, with ivermectin and other supplements, we got through it. I’m hearing daily of deaths and complications. My nephew has deep vein thrombosis in both legs. Please pray for him.

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Great and critical info. Thank you Robert for the steadfast work to sidestep the crummy narrative!

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Let's remember that humans are also animals....a little different than other beasts, in most cases, but we are mammals nonetheless.

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This is a terrific interview with Dr. Paul and Dr. Kory. Dr. Kory is a great role model and a much needed voice for us! My only concern is about one of the treatment protocols that has been widely promoted and is used sometimes for long-term cases - fluvoxamine (Luvox). With this SSRI antidepressant as a treatment method, many people have come to think of it as very safe. One man recently said he had bought 1000 fluvoxamine pills to hand out to family and friends if they showed any symptoms of covid. Unfortunately, for some people, this toxic drug can cause severe side effects, even if taken for very short periods of time and in small quantities. With so many other treatment options out there, I feel it is a shame that the possible dangers of fluvoxamine are not conveyed to the public.

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Africa is a great example of what the possibilities are - they take ivermectin weekly "The Sunday pill" as a malaria preventative. They were one of the few countries not seriously affected by the virus!

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I am so disgusted by our medical system, the fda and big pharma. It should be about health and it’s anything but. Just money and greed. Needs to be dismantled and torn down.

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All Day Chemist is also reliable. I've ordered and so has my family: https://www.alldaychemist.com/

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check out https://covid19criticalcare.com/

for protocols for treatment, prevention and recovery.

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All you need to know about the efficacy and healing effects of ivermectin come from the Indian (country) province of Uttar Pradesh that considered itself Covid free after giving out ivermectin to everyone in their province and them taking it for a month! The naysayers in the Left Wing Liberal Lame Main Stream Mockingbird Media Mob say there is no evidence that it was the ivermectin that did this and give a bunch of gobbledygook reasons it was everything but ivermectin that saved everyone from the dangerous C!!! That alone tells me it works when the MSM and cdc/nih say it doesn’t work!!!

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Thank you for this excellent report from inside, Robert!

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Kory is doing quite well w/his new practice especially with his Post-Vaccine Syndrome Visit:

Team consultation fee for post-vaccine syndrome visit is $1250 for patients 18 and up. A private consultation with Dr. Pierre Kory is $1650 for patients 18 and up.

This includes an initial video visit and 2 follow-up visits with our prescribers for up to 4 months after the initial visit. Additional visits required is an additional charge per visit. Please note, complex emails will require a follow-up visit with one of our prescribers. The initial visit includes 2 follow-up visits.

*Pro-bono consults can and will be offered in cases of financial hardship where proof of income provided.

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Thank you!

I know that one alt med doctor has been using Ivermectin to treat cancer patients for years.  And I know so many others on the computer who have enjoyed life-saving success with Ivermectin.

But, how is Ivermectin made?  Recombinant Strep strains to ferment it?  Does this give any one pause? 

 Dmitry Kats, the flush niacin guy, from hom3ostasis.com, has expressed concerns about Ivermectin and other subjects and has been duly, summarily tossed off of Twitter, etc.

Thanks again.

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I cannot believe you think Dr Kory is a Frenchman ! Is it because of his French first name ? How much do you know about the French to actually say you hate them & that is not racism to say this but I’m just going to say I don’t think you know what you are talking about either .

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I'm supposedly getting 400 of the 12 mg for $110 at Indian place.

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Prof. Fred Nazar

March 14, 2023 at 9:35 am

You are the best! In a real democracy, this should be the front page of any real newspaper, yet we live in a digi-tatorship tightening the screws on we the people. https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/fbi-facial-recognition-confirms-majority-of-initial-capitol-breachers-were-federal-agents/

2021 InsurrectionGate

The 2020 election was a coup, allowed by all election certifying authorities1, especially Trump’s back-stabbing vice-president Mike Pence 2, who should be in jail for violating the Constitution by certifying the election in spite of the massive evidence of fraud at the time, but is free promoting his self-forgiving book, “So help me God”, a perfect title for an un-repented useful globalist minion.

6 Jan 2021. The fabricated deadly “insurrection”, without guns and victims, was necessary to put pressure on the judges. In spite of the FBI trying to delete thousands of messages and destroyed 338 pieces of evidence from the trials, the Mar 2023 leaked video, hidden by the commission (mason Democrats+RINOs) since the beginning, completely debunked the narrative,.

Obama made propaganda more legal with the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012. FBI, CIA, DOJ, Obama, Clinton, Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Strzok, Clapper, Schiff … all knew Trump was innocent but they smeared him without any consequence.

Jacob Chansley (aka Jake Angeli), the “Qanon Shaman”, was an ex-navy discharged for mental illness, an Asperger/autistic man who easily followed orders (just like Greta Thunberg)4, an actor5 and climate change activist. He was interviewed by Nancy Pelosi’s son-in-law, Michiel Vos, just before being politely led in, escorted, and even opened the doors for him, by the Capitol Police, under the orders of Nancy Pelosi, who since the day before, had refused several requests of National Guard back-up asked by the Chief of the Capitol Police. Conveniently for the lack of proof, Shaman didn’t go to trial because he pleaded guilty.

Dr. Ron Paul: “The goal of the Jan 6 Committee is not to seek justice for the ‘crime’ of trespassing and putting feet on Pelosi’s sacred desk, but to make sure that Donald Trump is never allowed to run for President again. That is the reason hundreds have been unjustly arrested and held in terrible conditions for non-crimes. The purpose of the Committee has been to prop up the false narrative that somehow a few rowdy protesters who broke into the Capitol Building were the equivalent of the storming of the Bastille.”

Note: police officer Brian Sicknick who was presented as a victim, died “naturally” 2 days later. Photos showed a healthy fit 42-year-old man. Capitol police had the first COVID clot shot on 6 Dec 2020, and the second probably before 6 Jan. He wasn’t a victim of the mostly peaceful manifestation but of those who ordered the police to let the people in, the same ones ordering compulsory vaccination.

In sum, the insurrection was promoted by Pelosi and their minions (very few broke things and opened the way, the rest just followed peacefully, incentivized by planted fake “leaders”.

Trump had to go, no matter what. Even if it meant voting fraud in the open. If that happened in a “serious” country like the USA, imagine the rest of the world. COVID was a global putsch. The satanic elite will stop at nothing until the global government.

“Stupidity got us into this mess, then why can’t it get us out?”

The answer is obvious: it can’t. We need to outsmart them at their own game: democracy.

7 points few are aware of:

1. The root cause is freemasonry. They are the deep state. They infiltrated all levels of power. We need a law forcing them to publicly disclose membership to secret societies under obedience to a higher rank, whose orders are above patriotism.


2. They forge currencies and buy media, listed corporations, puppeticians, etc. We need freedom of legal tender and currencies based on real assets (gold, silver, copper, lithium, flour, canola oil, whatever real and unforgeable): 1 of 5 (don’t miss the 5th):


3. What are their plans and how to beat them:


4. Why is the system rigged and how to solve it:




5. Decarbonization is anti-science:


6. They want to kill us all:






7. This is a spiritual battle between satanists and rest of the world. Without prayer, you are doomed to fail. What we see in the material world is the expression of the metaphysical realm.


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