Do you know of the health odysee of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson?

If not, perhaps look it up or even contact him, if that's of any use.

He was practising clinical psychologist himself, and has (partially heritable) depression & anxiety issues. He got prescribed "benzos" by another physician, and then his hell ride started. Took him 2 years or so to somewhat recover.

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Hard to believe... but I believe it. I have had some weird issues myself here lately, but I very much doubt they warrant medication, and even if they did, not sure I would accept it after reading this. Will listen to the whole thing later.

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was “covid” a cover for 5G biologic damage...

5G biologic effects stunningly similar to “covid”...

telecom industry liability protection stunningly similar to vax industry liability protection...

is “long covid” really “long 5G”?


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