This has all of the earmarks of quackery. Please provide published, replicated randomized controlled clinical trials. Ms. Santa Ana has no license listed with the state of Virginia.

There is nothing credible to hold onto with any of these claims. Anecdotes are not evidence.


Ha exactly. We are stuck with anecdotes because the science has been so adulterated. The journals publish industry filth now.

Empiric science is either compelling anecdote or RCT and when these are ruined you have anecdotes.

How's this for empiric evidence. NO vaccine has ever been studied using placebo trials. That alone tells you exactly the nature of vaccines.

BUT is it meaningful thst in the absence of proper trials we have seen 10,000 of our kids fall to the floor immediately after a vaccine and start banging their heads and NEVER SPEAK AGAIN.

Read the journals chapter from Butchered at a minimum.


Best and please put your comments in the comments.

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Sep 24·edited Sep 24Liked by Robert Yoho MD (ret)

Dr. Yoho: Thank you for this great article. NB: You have actually UNDERSTATED the severity of Mikaela Peterson's situation that was resolved by a carnivore diet. You wrote: "Ms. Peterson was on the point of getting joint replacements but cured her Juvenile RA in a month using a carnivore diet." But she actually DID have 2 joint replacement surgeries before even out of her teens. The carnivore diet was truly life-changing for her. No wonder they are trying to get everyone to stop eating meat and pivot to bugs or Bill Gate's toxic lab-grown "meat".

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Great article! I’ve had ra a couple of times in the last few years. Could barely carry a full cup across the room. Pain in knuckles and loss of strength. But I managed to get rid of it just by diet. Lots of beef fat.

I think what this article shows is that it’s very important to take notice of what vegetables children don’t like.

Children who don’t like almost all vegetables are likely sensitive to nickel. Or if they don’t like certain types of vegetables but do like others then they are probably having a bad reaction to one of the phytonutrients or compounds you listed.

As well as the arthritis in my hand I also got a similar thing in my shoulder and couldn’t reach for anything without my arm dropping. I had to use my left hand to lift my right hand onto the steering wheel in the car because if I just tried reaching for the wheel my hand would just drop in my lap. Couldn’t raise my arm above my head either. But I got rid of that too. Just with adjusting diet and eating lots of beef fat.

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Great article. I agree with low carb/high fat diets and intermittent fasting. Gary Taubes is a health researcher who has written several books on the subject. More lies from the government: hi carbs/low fat = the national health emergency we have today as evidenced by high average weights and rampant Type 2 diabetes.

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BTW, Dr. Shawn Baker (orthopedic surgeon & former combat surgeon), Dr. Ken Berry (GP) and Dr. Anthony Chaffee (functional medicine & neurosurgeon) are all on carnivore diets themselves and all have YouTube channels. They advocate Low Carb High Fat diets as the healthiest diets for all humans . This can be the carnivore diet or ketogenic diet (which includes some low carb veggies). Their YouTube channels are a huge source of information.

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Dr. John McDougall has been a pioneer in completely curing Rheumatoid Arthritis (and other autoimmune disease) for years, via a long fast. I was completely healed after a 5 day fast. 10 yrs ago. When I first read of his 100% cure of this autoimmune disease, my thought was, "Yeah, because you'd be dead!" Haha.... but I was in such pain, I had nothing to lose. By day 3, I could feel my pain dissipating, After 5 days, I was completely healed. The mechanism of this healing is via epigenetics. Some of our genes can be switched on and off, via our lifestyle.... so much info out there! Research Dr McDougall. He changed my life and I often share this info with others, who also have experienced healing. My husband and I both try to fast 1 day a week. We eat a WFPB diet, via Dr Esselstyn and Dr Colin Campbell -- also game changer. Both those guys are 90 years old... I like taking health advice from guys who are still sharp and at the top of their game... there's a recent youtube interview with them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZSG7W0_Miw

Peace and Healing to All of You!

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I’ve followed Mikayla’s Lion diet page on Facebook for quite some time

I actually think she needs to be tested for type 4 allergy to metals and bone cement

What I’ve also noticed is that some who go on a meat only diet have problems with it. They think if they persevere that one day it will work for them. But what is good for one is not necessarily good for the other. We still need to listen to what our bodies need as we are all individuals with our own problems

Some may need more than just meat and fat and shouldn’t be worried about eating other foods as well if their bodies are asking for other things.

The most important thing is to listen to what our bodies are telling us.

Col calciferol is also used as rat poison. It induces a heart attack in mice by flooding their blood with calcium and phosphorus. Obviously humans aren’t mice but people who already have cardiac issues need to monitor things

I stopped taking vitamin d because taken regularly it seemed to be making the cardiac issues worse.

And I did have a lot of calcium in my blood. The guy who did the blood smear said my blood was flooded with calcium

Not as bad as lozenges for candida though. They triggered a heart attack in 2021

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From my observation the best treatment is acim, a course in miracles.

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Ms. Peterson used a similar protocol to the one used by Dr. Terry Wahls to cure the MS she contracted after getting her Medical Doctorate.

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Arthritis can be placed and kept in remission by taking 5-LOXIN, a derivative of boswellia, which is the modern name of frankincense, something the wise men gifted to the baby Jesus.

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Thank you so much!

I’m right in a middle of the worst flare up of RA. I’ve been suffering from it for the last 20 years, but each time I flared up I was able to go back to remission by prolonged fasting and other methods . Stress was always a factor to bring it back again. This time I’m really crippled. I’m forced to take prednisone- but refused any other drugs they are trying to get me on. I had to stop working and became “disabled”. It’s been 3 years and I don’t see much improvement yet. I’ve determined that 3 day water fast is very good, but not enough to push it over the edge. Im too weak to keep the fast for longer this time. I’m gluten ( and all grain) and dairy free for the last 20 years as well. It would take me hours to tell you all kinds of things that I tried to get better. Thank you for this wonderful article - I’ll look into the carnivore diet closer. I know that the source of meat is the key- I usually get much worse ( inflammation and pain increase next day) by eating chicken and other meats, despite of them being labeled organic, grass fed, etc.

I encourage RA sufferers to check out MMS. I’m trying it right now and after 5 days I see very encouraging signs. Yesterday I went for a short walk with no pain in my knee ( the other is already replaced) for the first time in months. It’s just a start, but I’m very encouraged. Sorry for a long post, but I wanted to share some of my experiences and thank you again for this wonderful article. It’s so encouraging to know that someone cares about us!

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Excellent article 👏 I am forwarding this to my friends!

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G'Day Robert from Australia

I'm wondering if you might give me some advice? because my wife is in a bad way and the Drs seem totally out of their depth and have no idea how to help her.

My wife is 63 and has been on HRT for at least the past 12-15 years because of crazy temperature fluctuations. Mostly feeling freezing cold as well as sweating from trying to keep warm. She also had hysterectomy 15 years back but she kept her ovaries.

Now, because of the long term HRT treatment, she's just been diagnosed with breast cancer with an estrogen driven tumour.

They want to give her a mastectomy and the removal of her lymph glands under her left arm. She does not want to follow this advice and is absolute in her decision of trying a different and natural protocol. She may have to submit to this option further down the line but at this stage, she is adamant that she wants to try and change her lifestyle, diet and attempt other treatments first and then, see what eventuates. She has stopped the hrt but is having a helluva time with her temperature being all over the place.

She was really bad 4 days ago and her temperature was 35.4 C. I made her have a hot bath which she hated however it did stabilise her temperature for a few hours. She is actually cold to touch.

Our Dr has taken blood tests but nothing showed up with any abnormality and he admitted that he was completely out of ideas. This has been going on now for 15 years before she started the HRT and whenever she stopped the estrogen patches here and there during that time. But now she's in a bind because of the breast cancer. And, as part of the natural protocol that she's on, starving the tumour of estrogen is one of the major moves.

Over the past 2 days she has found some relief by taking cannabis oil complete with thc. Her temperature has stabilised and she's feeling much better since taking it twice a day.

My question is, after watching a few of your video's you seem to be in favour of implementing natural hormones to help women with menopause conditions. I don't understand enough to know if natural hormones are different to estradiol or estradot which she was taking?

Can you help me understand if there's an option that she may have that we're not being told about or known by our Doctor about natural estrogen or any other natural hormone?

I/we would both appreciate any light you could shine on her predicament. Thanks!

Yours Truly,


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Wonderful article. Thank you so much for sharing the reality of the situation!!!

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I had it for about a year and a half. I had infected root canals (they are all infected.. no one should have these.. another horrible medical practice). It was horrible. The RA was the catalyst to removing them and getting implants through a natural dentist. I also cleaned out my cavitations (from wisdom teeth surgery). I had other gut issues. Traditional medicine is worthless in this area, as pretty much in every area except surgery.

At any rate, I had an overgrowth of prevotella in my gut.. which is a bacteria found in the mouth. It causes inflammation ( it’s been a few years since I looked at this TH3?) and that’s what causes the RA. prevotella feeds on carbs. So that is why, in my opinion, low carb diets cure RA. I had tried lots of things to kill it, but taking out the infection in my mouth cured it. There are lots of studies showing a connection to root canals and RA.

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