I always read your posts and have shared them many times with friends. This is the first time I have commented though. I find your articles and research to be some of the most compelling on Substack or anywhere else. I don't mind that you sometimes repost other's work. I worry that you might burn out. It is a very intense and disturbing time that we live in. It feels like the attacks on humanity, truth, morality, and goodness accelerate day by day. The evil is shocking--it is as if a restraining force has been lifted. And I think perhaps it has. As a Christian I believe in a loving, merciful, all-powerful, and perfectly good God. I also believe He is a God of Justice and Judgement. We, as a nation, have turned our back on Him. I often think we are experiencing some of His judgement--not that He is inflicting pain and suffering, but that He has removed His Hand of protection on a people that have largely rejected Him. Even so, I find a lot of peace in prayer and trusting Him and committing myself, my family and loved ones to Him and His care. I hope you can find a way, if you haven't done so already, to do the same. And yes, I appreciate your posts and scrupulous research very much.

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I’m a two bit dog groomer from the sticks. I net $15000 a year if I’m lucky. On my budget I can support 5 Substack subscriptions a year. I’m trying to trade them up as I go. I feel frustrated by those on Substack that who beg for money or only give a snippet of their post to non-payers. I REALLY want to support everyone I follow on Substack but am just not financially able. I wish more people would offer the buy a coffee option. If you post something I think is awesome I want to pay for that particular article.

Please keep sharing others work; it’s a great way to find new ideas.

Please keep doing medical corruption, current events, and sometimes philosophy. Not the self help. Way too many out there doing that.

Interviews of fringe people is beyond awesome. Please keep doing that.

You are priceless, thank you

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Robert: I am a fellow physician who regularly reads your work. I read both of your books -- Butchered by Healthcare, and Cassandra's Memo, and thought they both made a huge contribution to the medical truth literature. Your sub stacks are usually helpful and usually add some to my understanding.

My suggestion to you is that you try not to scale El Capitan in record time. Go slowly and safely, one handhold and one foothold at a time, keeping the faith that careful deliberate work will get you safely to the top more successfully than anxiously wondering if you will reach your goal in time. This is a battle with many warriors, and no one fighter can win the battle. We all fight in the ways we can, and together, we will win. You bring huge energy to the fight, but you push yourself in ways that are likely to endanger yourself as a warrior. Slow and steady will win this race. The Chinese have made this their M.O. and it is worth learning from their success. Don't be like Pat Tillman and sacrifice yourself unnecessarily. You are a good man with a good heart. Only do what you humanly can do. Trying to do more than that will not help the cause, nor yourself, nor your loved ones. Thank you for your valet efforts. You are making a difference.

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My favorite subject matter is along the lines of things the “experts” have been telling us that you now know to be lies, especially when it comes to matters affecting human and animal health. I am on to a lot of them but every once in a while a new one comes along that I can add to the list, and it is worthwhile to remember the old ones too, to show that they have been lying to us for a very long time about a lot of things.

I love your work and try to show it by clicking the heart/like button. Often that is all I have time to do.

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I don't listen to podcasts, I read.

I love your posts, because I enjoy your writing style.

I'm sorry I can't pay. My money is all wrapped up in bill payments. Life! I'm close to unsubscribing from 2 or 3 of my favorite stacks, because they have been bitching and whining about people not paying them. Then cut you off mid post, because of it. Life! You can't afford it, once you get old.

Reposts are fine, because I can't read everyone's stack.

I love reading posts about veterinary medicine, mostly because all I ever hear is the propaganda from the vet. No one that smart can be that dumb.

I'd love to download your books and recommend your stacks to friends, but I don't have 5 friends and the 3 friends I have wouldn't read a stack on a bet. They either disagree with the meds being useless, they don't want to know, or they're totally asleep to what's going on in the world.

I think your's is one of the best stacks by a doctor. It seems most of the others won't let you read a whole stack, because you don't pay; rehash the same stuff over and over and over; or they're wrapped up in trying to sell you supplements.

Keep up the same marvelous work you've always done, but don't stress not pleasing everyone on everything. It's impossible.

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I enjoy your readings. Where I am at right now is I have spent so much time reading & experiencing all the mayhem, feeling helpless, from the last 3 years, what I want to start reading & hearing about is ARRESTS. It has sucked out so much of my time & energy, I just want to read about prosecution which seems to never come!! I suppose since the mega billionaires, maybe trillionaires have most of the control, it won’t happen. We all just become complainers then and its been exhausting. No offense intended!

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Do you do in person speaking gigs? If I heard you were speaking near me I would go. In person engagement strengthens relationships powerfully. I follow a lot of docs, scholars etc, you are among my favorites! Keep writing and to the extent that is sustainable for you go engage w people in person. The more I hear about technology the more I want to open a multiuse dance studio where people gather in person for fellowship, joy and wellness. My best memories are laughing w people I love.

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I think you have a fantastic voice for podcasts. I wish I had your voice. It’s the perfect radio voice. The one with Scott Schroeder was great. Usually I prefer reading the transcript of videos though so I think it’s always important to put the transcript below. You’ve been doing a great job and yours is one of the Substacks I view most

The last few weeks I’ve been too unwell but starting to feel better.

An article on the Melisa test invented by prof Vera Stejskal (rip) would be a good topic to write on. When working at Astra Zeneca she was asked to investigate why the factory workers making pharmaceuticals were getting strange illness symptoms which would resolve if they took time off work. But then return once they return to work.

She developed the Melisa test which discovered it was the metals in the pharmaceutical products the factory workers were manufacturing that was making some of them sick.

Astra Zeneca now regularly test their workers with the Melisa test.

Vera left Astra Zeneca with a $50000 grant and with the Melisa test she invented and started the Melisa foundation

She was also one of many who proves vaccines get distributed around every major organ in the body within 30 minutes of vaccination. This proves they don’t just stay in the arm muscle. They told the health authorities but were ignored.

I think Vera was also involved as expert witness at the vaccine court.

While Prof Vera Stejskal has passed away from breast cancer her daughter Linda still works at Melisa diagnostics in the UK

I think your readers would find her work and history fascinating. There is a little bit about Vera on the Melisa diagnostics website. The Melisa test is for diagnosing type 4 allergy to metals. It’s a standardised test and the results both qualitative and quantitative.

If every 14 year old got this test it would show what causes autism and how much harm the metals in pharmaceutical products are causing in society.

While Astra Zeneca are happy using it for their factory workers they wouldn’t want the general public finding out about this test.

The amount of data collected if all 14 year olds were tested would be very eye opening and very valuable. But also a big danger to the pharmaceutical industry and many other industries.

If used in a certain way this test has the potential to at least halve the demand for healthcare

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We keep talking about the vax but I'm reading more about injury from covid alone like prion disease, heart issues and demyelination. I would love to learn more about how the spike is affecting us and how to overcome the damages. See Walter Chestnuts new piece. https://open.substack.com/pub/wmcresearch/p/the-spike-protein-and-sads-evidence?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android

And I very much appreciate your work!

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I am so glad you take the time to share with us. I have relatives with whom to share your excellent topics. The wives seem the most resistant . The men do not call the shots , any of them

As for friends, one could never find a more close minded hostile bunch than my liberal and confident senior women. I am not the most educated. It is a frustrating walk for me .

You deserve the best . Your knowledge should be front page reading everywhere. We should all be grateful that you exist. I am.

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I am currently in the process of deciding which substacks to continue following. I have followed the whole covid debacle closely but am now trying to reclaim my life - haha! You've made the cut so far. I've only paid for one or two, I've unfollowed a few that went to paid only. But I feel like I'm not playing fair and would like to whittle down further and then pay. Sorry, I can't help you much, I'm still trying which direction to go myself, and far I want to go in that direction.

Note to substack: instead of recurring payments, could you put in a tip jar for one time payment?

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I'm listening.

I don't know how anything works. I assume Amazon retains control of your books, and sets the price for Kindle? I wonder if a special $0.99 price is more enticing than a free copy, perverse as human beings are.

I don't begrudge an author his daily bread; however, since more and more need a slice of mine, I have cut down my reading list. I even unsubscribed from Dr. McCullough and his co-writer because there was so little free content of value. So, my failure (so far) to subscribe is far less about your content's value to me and much more about me husbanding my own limited resources.

The topics that I value most lift the lid on what we have always presumed to be true.

Thank you for what you do. The frequency of your articles should reflect your own self-care.

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Guest: Michael Yon from michael.yon@locals.com. He has the best info on the true threat to the US, the government led invasion (for real).

Visibility: stop going the small-time route and work at getting yourself on big podcasts or media outlets. The doctor that reveals the truth about medicine is a big draw except for pharma supported media. CHD has many shows. Lots of YouTube channels. Bigger is The Highwire. Bigger yet is InfoWars. Maybe you need an agent?

Subjects: I believe these are the top threats to health/life in order of severity, especially since many dovetail into one another:

illegal alien invasion



food/water shortages and contamination

capitulation of US sovereignty to WHO


everything else: harmful drugs, fluoride, mercury/heavy metal toxicity, emf, carcinogenic ingredients/substances (all slow kill)

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"I think I add more value by interviewing obscure people with something to say rather than celebrities we have all heard before. "...I totally agree with you one that one! I enjoy reading your posts, but do not have time to watch many interviews or listen to podcasts (I have to pay attention to my own work at this point in time!) But, yes, anything to help people wake up!! Your writings are great, especially for people with no background in the good ole conspiracy theories, but many of us have been watching that unfold for decades....

I personally do not mind cross-posts, because I may not read the same posts you do...if I have already read it, I often just give a little heart as a thank you, and move on. I have passed your books on and think they are worth reading, but I am not any better at social media than you are (and soon I will be asking the same question to get my own work out there (in a few months, I'll be leaving the university!! As a post-materialist scientist, staying there has been painful at times....) I am so 'incognito' on these rebel sites these days....:-]

Keep on keeping on!!

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I appreciate every post

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In general I really like your writing and also listen to your podcasts. You seem to diversify really well as far as subjects to cover. I have shared your FREE copies of "Butchered By Healthcare" with many, including my doctor. All were glad to receive it. I will stay tuned and continue to share :) Is this your Twitter acct: @DrYoho

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