The good thing about COVID is the unbelievable web of lies that holds big Pharma together is being exposed. We do not have a medical System. We have a drug dispensing system.

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Sep 18, 2022Liked by Robert Yoho MD (ret)

There is a level of depravity that we are seeing exposed these past few years that is sickening to behold. Thank you for your ability to write about these crimes that need to be told.

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Sep 18, 2022Liked by Robert Yoho MD (ret)

I was prescribed it, and yes, within a very short time it elevated my mood, but the headaches were so strong, I couldn't continue taking it. I was encouraged to give it another try, and same thing happened.

Another physician, another time later, suggested I take it, but I put my foot down, and said, no.

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Sep 18, 2022Liked by Robert Yoho MD (ret)

As soon as I read the first paragraph, two things popped into my head. One of them was a song by an English band, The Fixx, in response to "patients who contracted diabetes or other metabolic diseases after taking Zyprexa."


Then it's easy to believe

Somebody's been lying to me

But when the wrong word

Goes in the right ear

I know you've been lying to me

It's getting rough, off the cuff

I've got to say enough's enough

Bigger the harder, he falls

But when the wrong antidote

Is like a bone in the throat

You run for cover in the heat

Why don't they

Do what they say

Say what they mean

One thing leads to another

You told me something wrong

I know I listen too long

But then one thing leads to another

One thing leads to another

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Hi Robert Yoho. Thanks for your website & the link to Jim gottstein. I also escaped from the world of psychiatric incarceration in 1988. I was voluntarily admitted there, but with coercion. ie voluntary or, otherwise involuntary. I was 24 years old, and was conflicted by events around the break up of parents & the absence of communication leading up to that event (easter 1986) & following it. (& to this day). Lithium, chlorpromozine, cogentine modecate largactil etc probably 10-12 weeks. I got a doctor to reduce medication then l left the city of Melbourne & the state of Victoria (without time frame but ended up being for 13 years). I received a (sickness) benefit intermittently from about 1990-1993 did occasional work , lived in squats forest protests wilderness etc then received a disability support pension from 1993-1996 & 2002-2012 after being on the end of a vicious assault at the hands of public servants (force) on 16/10/1993. I was intervening between these public servants & a first nations indigenous youth that they were pursuing. They were heavily intoxicated, dressed in pig skin leather (plain clothes). They were TRG(Tactical response group). I told them that it was the year of indigenous people's, asked them if they had read the findings of the royal commission into aboriginal deaths in custody (which l had) & told them there behaviour was unacceptable in broad daylight & on the streets of CBD in Perth,Australia. I don't know how l survived there cowardly attack on a defenceless & not violent (at all) member of the public (that they are paid to serve). I was bashed unconscious- and facing imminent death l decided NO this is not convenient & stood up. They took me around the corner,away from the crime scene. Put cuffs on me in a way that was torture, took me to lock up. Still cuffed,after some time,l begged a female public servant officer to release the cuffs. They were killing me. She actually did that. There was a indigenous fellow in the cell with me. He offered me a drag of his white ox tobacco. One draw & it felt like knives,swords in my lungs,heart region. That was the last time l ever smoked anything to this day, no alcohol either(from 2002- l would drink some 1.5% alcohol Jewish fruity red wine in a religious community l lived in from 1996 to 4/7/2001 if l had managed to live in harmony with my brothers & sisters in that 12 tribes of lsrael community )(That community forbade me from getting the disability support pension while living with them so l went of it)- to centrelinks surprise- & l did that again in 2012 when l bought a modest house outright (no mortgage) from beeswax candle sales & DSP savings. I have lived my life since my time of incarceration in the world of psychiatry as a kind of experiment as to the healing nature of time, nature itself(l don't take any western or other medicine at all, or alcohol or drugs) & being physically active (walking - doing lots of vipassana meditation) & perhaps most importantly,and beneficially - abstaining from unwholesome actions as best l could in any situation & to where l was at,at that moment. By unwholesome actions l mean any actions that harm myself &/or any other being(s), human or non human. Those difficult events were great blessings for me, being points or catalysts of profound & beneficial change. Without them l would not be the better person that l am today. I am grateful to these events & to the strangers that taught me what not to do to others. They gave me a great & rare gift, which l use as a compass, a sail, a anchor & a rudder for the boat of my life & the treacherous waters we have to navigate through. I am undaunted.Nature & time & abstaining from unwholesome actions are the great healers. Piece by piece l have been untying the knots or cords of trauma & distress that visited me in times past. Sensation by sensation, as it arises,keeping an equanimous & aware mind. I am comfortable in my body & with who l am & have been. That journey continues , it is a long journey. I put no time limits on it, or requirements as to outcome. Nature is very kind, but gives it's blessings according to it's time frames, which are not mans (or womans) to determine, patience is required, the path will present it's milestones when they arrive. I have confidence l'm on the right path (Dhamma), devotion, steadfastness & determination & enjoying the journey guarantees the end in accordance with the means, being constantly pleasantly surprised as things unfold, not in ways l could possibly perceive.

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I worked at a closed door pharmacy for yrs. The entire time I worked there, Zyprexa went out the door like skittles. Fazaclo was another, that was highly prescribed.

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