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He tells why a diet of clean beef is the most healthy. He never vaccinates, and his cattle roam free and eat grass.

The Rumble link for this video is HERE.

We face many fears. Today, the cattle you eat receive a host of vaccines. Spike protein, mRNA, and many contaminants have been found inside the Covid vax. The burning question is whether the beef you eat transmits any of these to you. Frank did not know the answer, but he told me that his beef had never been inoculated with anything. 

Like many of us, Mr. Fitzpatrick is suspicious of microwave ovens. Electric field (EMF) exposures alone are enough to convince any reasonable person to trash theirs. Frank said he knew of evidence that these ovens destroy vitamin B12. I looked online and found few critical sources until I searched the Westin Price website, where I found what I thought was a balanced article HERE. While it did not scaremonger, it presents what is known in a way that discredited these devices. B12 was not mentioned. 

We moved our microwave fifteen feet away from our kitchen, and hopefully this is the first step to the trash.

Listen to us describe the meal Frank and his friend Lisa served us after his ranch tour. The hamburgers and steaks were fantastic, and the French fries were cooked in healthy lard. Unfortunately, he cannot sell this because it is a prepared product.

Cows get grass and some pumpkins but horses get alfalfa.
Home on the range. This dude is a Master Sergeant in the Navy out of San Diego.
Grass grazing these ungulates requires a lot of land in scrubby Southern Cal.

The herd enjoys itself with its huevos intact—Frank never castrates. A few dominant bulls have most of the sex, but even the losers occasionally get a little strange on the side depending on the mood of the cows. The situation is a little like my college campus used to be. (Did I just write that?)

On a more serious tone, the herd has closed genetics that originated from just a few cattle acquired several decades ago. This has advantages; listen to our discussion about it.

Contact Frank at to buy some beef. I did and loved it. You can have a 30-pound box shipped if you live in California, Nevada, Oregon, or Arizona. It was $12 a pound, $360 per box. I just went for hamburger, which was wonderful and cheaper. I think we will go for half a cow in March.

Note: Frank’s meat is lean, which is a good reason to butter it as you eat it. You need that unsaturated animal fat. It causes little damaging oxidation inside your body. 

Cool off and enjoy your holidays.

Dental Parting Shot #1

Root canals cause breast cancer and worsen all kinds of inflammatory diseases, by Thomas Levy, MD. The easiest way to be sure about this is to watch the Root Cause video HERE. Also, Unbekoming wrote a post about how root canals cause breast cancer HERE.

Left unresolved, periodontitis seeds pathogens and their associated toxins throughout the body. To assert that disease occurring after such typical oral pathogens start growing in different tissues is some ill-defined “association” and not a straightforward cause-and-effect relationship defies simple logic. Aside from breast disease and breast cancer, chronically infected gums have been significantly linked to nearly all diseases and conditions. Some studies also document improvement of the “linked” disease with effective periodontitis treatment, as well as a worsening of the disease as periodontitis progresses. This further indicates that periodontitis has a cause-and-effect with most chronic diseases. These diseases and conditions include the following:

  • Cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality, including atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, heart failure, abnormal lipid and cholesterol metabolism (metabolic syndrome), diabetes, and arterial calcification [18-32]

  • Neurological disease, including migraine, seizure, depression, bipolar disorder, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, brain abscess, and multiple sclerosis [33-53]

  • Chronic pulmonary disease, pneumonia, asthma, allergic rhinitis [54-60]

  • Vascular disease [61,62]

  • Obesity [63,64]

  • Inflammatory bowel disease [65-67]

  • Inflammatory bone diseases, including arthritis and osteoporosis [68-73]

  • Kidney disease [74-76]

  • Cancers (pancreatic, lung, liver, colorectal, esophageal, oral cavity and throat, head and neck, stomach, prostate, blood, skin, and cancer in general) [77-92]

  • Female infertility and adverse pregnancy and neonatal/birth outcomes [93-95]

  • Thyroid disease [96]

  • Anemia [97,98]

  • Eye disorders [99,100]

  • Psoriasis [101-104]

  • Ear disorders (hearing loss, vertigo) [105-107]

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome [108]

  • Autoimmune disease [109-111]

  • Erectile dysfunction [112]

  • Increased body-wide inflammation (elevated C-reactive protein levels) [113-115]

  • Depressed vitamin levels (C and D) and antioxidants [116-122]

Dental Parting Shot #2

Frank has a tooth in his lower right jaw that has been hurting him for years. (This is your left as you look at the x-ray.) He recently started Frontier Pharm’s chlorine dioxide (CD) mouthwash*, and the pain disappeared on the first day. His recent x-ray shows five mercury amalgams and a huge abscess around the painful tooth. This shows up as a clear area around a root in the lower jaw to your left:

CD mouthwash helps over the short term but is not a cure. Likewise, it cannot cure chronic infections from root canals because these are “foreign bodies” that hold bacteria. 

Frank consulted Dr. Lagos, whose assessment and plan are attached below. Frank gave his kind permission to share his story and documentation to help educate others. HERE is my original Legos dentist post.  

*HERE is how to order commercial chlorine dioxide products, and HERE is how to become an affiliate marketer for FrontierPharm and Snoot!.

Important: you can either sell chlorine dioxide or tell the truth about it, like me. If you do both, you will be on the wrong side of some laws and can end up in serious trouble. 

I do not sell these products and will never profit from them; I am simply describing how to get them from the companies. Your orders are generating a lot of commissions (thanks!), but these will either go back to you or will support the MLM process you have joined. The owners, Val and Michelle, are working out what is best, so stay tuned. If you want to help, become an Affiliate at the second link above. No purchase is required, and you can fill in whatever identifying code you like. ❤️❤️

HERE is my original chlorine dioxide post.

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“Legal disclaimer:” Dr. Yoho is retired and does not practice medicine. The material here is supplied for general information purposes and is not specific medical advice. Contact licensed providers such as Dr. Levy or Dr. Lagos if you want that. But even if you find doctors as knowledgeable as them, learn all you can and verify before you trust.