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I do not believe in panaceas, but CDS potentially cures hundreds of diseases that standard medicine cannot. These include the Lyme and Covid bioweapons and vaccine-caused autism.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. —Arthur C. Clarke

To focus, I brush off 95 percent of the torrent passing before me. Chlorine dioxide solution (CDS) was like that for me at first. A friend breathlessly recommended a video featuring an annoying German,* Andreas Kalcker. He claimed it cured everything from AIDS to cancer to every infectious disease. I loathe exaggerations, he spoke with ridiculous certainty, and—this is still a reflex for me!—he was only a PhD. It was three strikes against him.

*I can say this because I am too.

I can pry something understandable out of almost anything. But since I had cut most of my schoolboy chemistry classes and never studied electrical engineering, I had trouble with Kalcker. As I watched him at my usual double speed, I found nothing easily verifiable. So I shelved the project and months passed.

Then Christian Elliot sent me his interview with a dozen links. As usual, I found myself racing to catch up with him. Christian was able to more easily approach the subject because he lacks my biases. He also thinks better than me.

I learned that CDS was a cheap, nontoxic, reliable disinfectant that had been widely used since the 1970s. Hundreds of studies were published about its safety and efficacy. It had been used to treat species from humans to honey bees, which are profoundly sensitive. In humans, chlorine dioxide is proven to cure many illnesses. For some animals, it improves longevity.

By 2006, information about CDS began going viral. The buzz was that it was easy and cheap to make, it cured many conditions, and that no doctor was needed. In response, a massive government smear campaign was launched in 2010 that equated chlorine dioxide with chlorine bleach.

Idiot newscaster reading from a script about the supposed horrors of CDS.

When I learned about this, my interest sharpened, for it resembled the ivermectin “horse medicine” lies. The psychopaths wanted us to see CDS as a conspiracy.

As I explored further, I found “Chlorine Dioxide as an Alternative Treatment for COVID-19” other similar sources. I also heard reports of CDS curing Lyme disease and autism.

Lyme and Covid were developed by US government “gain of function” research labs to injure and kill us. Autism is caused by childhood vaccines, which are proven killers and likely bioweapons as well. The coverup stories about bleach discrediting CDS and horse medicine discrediting ivermectin are lies that could have been invented by the same advertising agency.

All this reflects years of planning. The criminals obviously realized that their plans were threatened if the word got out that chlorine dioxide cured these diseases or ivermectin healed Covid. To see how their fear mongering continued through today, search YouTube for “Church of Bleach.”

Chlorine dioxide is a nontoxic sanitizer with thousands of established uses

It was first produced in 1811. Since then, myriad applications have been devised including use in over 500 US water treatment facilities. It is not carcinogenic, and it is even used in fishtanks without harmful effects on the fish. In conventional dilutions, CDS has no proven human or animal toxicity, even for people on the edge of death.

Chlorine dioxide is used for paper bleaching, but in extreme concentrations and amounts that have nothing to do with human use.

CDS may be the best-known disinfectant. It can eliminate bacteria, fungi, viruses, and small parasites. Since it has so many important uses, it cannot be banned.

Extremely low doses are effective medical treatments, and there are no toxic metabolites. Since it cannot be patented, making enough to last a lifetime costs under $100. It is easy to manufacture at home using sodium chlorite (not sodium chloride, salt) and an acid “activator.” Hydrochloric acid 4 percent is best, but others work too.

At concentrations of 10-100 parts per million, CDS has been proven safe for humans, even when used daily for months. Chlorine dioxide is pH neutral and does not typically cause irritation or other side effects.

Its safety trials are extensive and remain unchallenged. When studied outside the body, viruses and bacteria are killed by tiny concentrations that host cells would survive unharmed. We also have animal trials. In one, when mice were experimentally infected with influenza, all those exposed to low dose chlorine dioxide lived and 70 percent of the rest died.

Formal studies about treating and curing human disease are less common. The ones that managed to be accepted for publication claim near-universal clinical success within a day to a few days. But the media has discredited and defamed this work and the authors. They even did this to Kalcker despite his impressive background.

How does CDS work? Human cells easily handle the oxidation produced by chlorine dioxide, but viruses and bacteria cannot, so they die. Kalcker says, “[CDS] is oxidizing, which is precisely the body’s… plan B to convert an acidic toxin into a nontoxic alkaline.” From the video below: “The term ‘chlorine dioxide’ is misleading because chlorine is not the active element. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing, not a chlorinating agent. ClO2 penetrates the cell wall and reacts with the amino acids in the cytoplasm within the cell, killing the microorganism. The byproduct of this reaction is chlorite, which is harmless to humans.”

Yoho note: I do not understand this either, but there it is.

Cures for AIDS, cancer, Lyme disease, viruses, bacteria, and more have been reported.

  • In mice and human studies, CDS kills certain cancer tumors in less than 48 hours

  • It kills bacteria, fungus, Giardia, and parasites in humans and animals

  • Kills viruses including influenza, Covid, and others

  • Prevents viral illnesses

  • Treats infected wounds and improves wound healing time

  • CDS is used as a sanitizing agent and for producing sterile water

  • Treats HIV, but most countries do not allow this

  • Treats HPV—genital warts

  • Kills multi-drug resistant bacteria

  • Treats pseudomonas, e coli, staph aureus

  • CDS can be used to decontaminate deep surgical wounds and cure surgical infections

  • Cures toenail fungus and candida. I ordered some from Frontier Pharmaceuticals

  • Cures fungal skin infections. When sprayed on the entire body, all funguses are cured

  • Treats viral hepatits

  • Cures inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis

  • Cures malaria within three hours to three days in 154 out of 154 people in one study. The International Red Cross covered this up. The video documentary about it has been banned from YouTube but the links to Bitchute and Brighteon versions can be found below. One provider describes treating 500 people in a day.

  • Missionaries in Africa report curing 70,000 to 100,000 cases of typhoid fever and malaria

  • Curing chronic, debilitating Lyme disease, a manufactured bioweapon (see my last post)

  • Treating diabetes

  • Curing inflammatory arthritis

  • Curing or or nearly curing herpes (Alcide corporation)

  • For seriously ill Covid patients, CDS rapidly cured 100/100 patients in Ecuador and thousands more without a failure. This was documented in a study.

  • CDS has been reported to restore bladder control in women who have stress incontinence

  • Curing chronic fatigue

  • Kalcker says it prevents some of the potential harms from the graphene oxide in the Covid vax

By now, you think I am crazy.

But before you cry BS on my story, watch THIS video from (at double speed, of course). It is the easiest way to understand the backing for chlorine dioxide and its 40 year history. CDS works faster and is safer against bacteria and viruses than antibiotics. It has cured Covid for tens of thousands of patients and healed hundreds of thousands with other conditions.

This video shows dozens of testimonials from people who were cured by CDS. Anyone who claims these are “simply anecdotes” has adopted the language of our oppressors. This is the same as calling what happened to over 10,000 US children after childhood vaccines “anecdotal.” They fell to the ground, started banging their heads, and never spoke again. First-hand evidence like this is far better proof than a sack of clinical trials, for they are all faked now.

The Universal Antidote Interactive Reference Guidebook 2nd Ed (2022) can be downloaded below. It has links to censored sources.



Malign forces stand against chlorine dioxide

Pharma companies and their lapdog US government agencies are engaged in a coverup because this inexpensive treatment might rid us of the Lyme and Covid bioweapons. It might also replace a lot of “healthcare.”

Several companies developed uses for CDS. Alcide perfected, patented, and popularized many of them, but in 2004, Echolab, a multibillion dollar corporation, acquired it. They immediately shut down most of the ongoing human research and development to focus on agricultural and animal use. We cannot be sure the globalists were behind this, but in the context of the smear campaigns, it smells like it.

Kalcker’s mentor was Jim Humble (reader’s right)

Humble was an engineer. While prospecting for gold in the Guyana jungle, 400 miles from any hospital, two members of his team got malaria. They were delirious and had high fevers, but had no medications. Humble had only a drinking water disinfectant, sodium chlorite* (NaClO2). He gave his crew a few drops each, and after four hours, they all recovered from one of the worst infectious diseases known. When Mr. Humble also fell ill, it worked for him as well.

He was so impressed that he spent years experimenting on himself and others. He discovered that many conditions and infectious diseases responded. Humble began promoting and selling his discovery as the “Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS).”

Mr. Humble wrote several books and arranged to remove their copyright upon his death. I bought them for you. Download them immediately.

Mms Health Recovery Guidebook Ebook 2016b
10.6MB ∙ PDF file
Master Mineral Solution 3rd Millennium 2011 Jhbooks
1.63MB ∙ PDF file

If you want to pay, use THIS LINK.

By 2019, as he revised his last book, Jim Humble had spent 20 years using, studying, and teaching about CDS. When he understood the forces against effective and inexpensive treatments, he started the “Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing.” It was an attempt to shield his organization and ideas. He said MMS was a sacrament, but admitted publicly that his organization had nothing to do with religion.

Humble was a flamboyant character who could be mistaken for a televangelist, and his claims seemed exaggerated or even fraudulent. Federal prosecutors took his organization apart, extradited some of his people from South America, and threw them in prison.

As my readers know, sometimes the best path to the truth is reversing lies from censored sources. The CIA’s version of the story is in Wikipedia. The NYT’s article is, “Family Sentenced for Selling Bleach as a Miracle Covid-19 Cure.”

Mr. Humble died in 2023 at 91 after his lifetime of service.

Make Chlorine Dioxide in your kitchen

This is easy but you must study the references and learn the dosing protocols.

Jim Humble popularized the use of dilute sodium chlorite (NaClO2), which he called MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution. It causes some stomach upset, occasional diarrhea, and has an unpleasant taste. Here is how to make it.

The modern version is chlorine dioxide solution (CDS), which Humble calls “activated MMS.” This tastes better and has fewer side effects than MMS. Make it by mixing a drop of 25 percent sodium chlorite with a drop of “acid activator.” Four percent hydrochloric acid is best, but alternatively, lemon or lime juice or vinegar (5% acetic acid) may be used. Citric acid 50% works but causes more side effects.

Andreas Kalcker’s easy way to create a CDS-water solution using sodium chlorite and the acid activator is shown HERE and HERE. Another video showing how to make larger quantities is HERE. The reaction occurs inside a shotglass placed in a small, sealed container surrounded by water. CDS gas is produced, and it saturates the water. This can be refrigerated in a brown glass bottle and used over months.

Obtaining CDS and its components

  • A simpler method with a tablet added to a base solution is HERE.

  • Frontier Pharma makes CDS for acne, mouthwash, and fungal skin infections, but they cannot promote it for oral or intravenous use.

  • CDS is available as a “nasal cleaner” HERE.

  • Buy pre-made CDS solution for “water purification” here.

  • For $100, you can get enough sodium chlorite 22.5 % and hydrochloric acid 4% from chemical supply companies to treat your entire neighborhood for years.

  • Amazon sells small amounts in dropper bottles, but a lot of the links are gone. HERE is a link that still works.

  • HERE is another reputable source.


CDS will transform healthcare if we beat the censorship

This story is so far from my old thinking that I have trouble bending my mind around it. Chlorine dioxide has been available my whole professional career, but I just discovered it now. This makes me feel sick.

CDS has the potential to decimate Rockefeller/corporate healthcare. It reportedly cures Lyme, the bioweapon that infests and disables so many of us. It may be able to solve the wave of autism disability. If surgeons had it, they could prevent and treat infections more effectively. If I knew about chlorine dioxide when I was practicing, I would have been a better physician. I hope I would have considered quitting cosmetic surgery to spread the word.

Copy and paste this essay on your computer, then download the video, documents, and Humble’s books. Ebay sells Kalcker’s book. Put the knowledge in your head and the CDS ingredients in your kitchen. I am going to start taking it to see what it does for my arthritis, Parkinson’s, and glyphosate exposure.

“Legal” disclaimer: This information is not medical advice—use it at your own risk and under provider supervision.

Take this information seriously and study it as if your life depends on it, for it does. Make it go viral. And if you like my posts, please kidnap some subscribers for me and sign them up below. If you want to flatter me, sign up for a paid subscription.

Parting shot: Amazon’s evidence that CDS works

Note: you want 4 percent hydrochloric acid as above and not citric acid, which causes stomach upset.

As you start to understand CDS, bear in mind Pierre Kory’s quote about a thousand “anecdotes.” He says these have become data. I call them proof.