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He found some spirits that were haunting us, bagged them up for me, and only charged $425. I asked him if I could drown them in the swimming pool, but he said that was bad luck.
I wrote that I would hassle our meter man if he snuck onto our property and installed a smart meter. Oram says that Los Angeles Department of Water & Power has no plans to install smart meters.

Mr. Miller is a PK (preacher's kid) and a super-straight dude. He could charge far more. At the start of his visit, he discussed the health hazards of EMFs with us. I will not review this again here, so those who missed my last post should look at it HERE

After reading these sources, if you do not believe EMF is damaging you right now as you sit here, all I have to say is that you DFL and DFR

Eighty percent of Oram's clients get subjective health improvements after implementing his recommendations. Those who are EMF-sensitive have obvious benefits, but those who are unsure usually notice that they feel better. We are all being damaged by this "electro-smog," so eliminating as much as possible is critical.

Many other countries in the developed world acknowledge EMF risks, but here in the US, standards are lax. The wealthy telecom industry dominates the debate and denies the proven hazards.

A few days after his visit, Mr. Miller sent me a 30-page letter with explanations and recommendations. He notes, "This is a specific report for you and is not a definitive set of recommendations for everyone. Other people would have a different mix of EMFs in their house, generating somewhat different recommendations."

It is TMI, but download it anyway, have a look, and save it.

Emf Initial Evaluation R Yoho 5 31 23
544KB ∙ PDF file

This supplies links to meters and mitigation devices and cites documentation from his website, Be patient—even electrical engineers need time to master this material and chase down all their exposures. Your health concerns will motivate you once you understand how serious this situation is.

Oram's summary of the four types of EMF follows. He also recommends inexpensive meters to measure each type. I avoid discussing wavelength or units here because what do I know about that? The charts Mr. Miller created for my home, shown below, are enough detail for me.

The "E"—Electric fields from proximity to alternating current in unshielded wires. This creates sleep problems, and switching off the local electricity fixes it. 

The culprits are unshielded, plastic-jacketed ("Romex" type) electric wires in walls and floors and the power cords plugged into room outlets. Refrigerators and other appliances plugged into non-grounded outlets are another source. These electric fields pass through insulation and sheetrock and sometimes extend six to eight feet from the source. Commercial construction standards (and in New York and Illinois, all construction) require that the wires are covered with metal rather than plastic, which prevents electric fields and also decreases the fire hazard. 

Since electric fields affect the depth of sleep, we pay particular attention to evaluating and reducing them in bedrooms. In rooms used in the day and evening, however, electric fields are of less concern for most people. We reduce electric fields where people sit for long periods, such as a desk, couch, or easy chair, particularly for electrically sensitive individuals. This maintains their energy and vitality levels.

Mitigation can be accomplished by rewiring with shielded wiring or by turning off the electricity to the part of the house where you sleep. This can be done at the main breaker box or with a special switch. Unplugging or switching off the power wires to lamps and appliances in the bedroom at night eliminates these additional sources. Hotel room tip: since commercial construction codes require shielding, all you have to do is unplug the lights and appliances in your room, and you are good. 

To correct the electric fields in the Yoho home

I determined that the bedrooms are wired with the commercial standard: metal-clad wiring. This is fortunate because it means no significant electric fields are coming from the circuits in your walls, so we do not have to switch off the electricity in the room at night. (NB: my wife hired a great electrician and paid extra for this during the remodel.)

However, you still have electric fields from any plastic AC power cords plugged into outlets within 6-8 feet of each bed. Even when electric loads, such as lights, are turned off, the hot conductor in the plastic-jacketed AC power cord to lamps and other appliances still emits an electric field into the room. This comes from the voltage (120 Volts) that is always present on the hot wire, regardless of whether the load is turned on.

These electric fields will encompass your entire body when your bed is within six to eight feet of bedside lamps and electric clock cords, even when plugged in on the other side of your bedroom wall near your bed. This prevents deep, refreshing Stage Four sleep.

Our clients who reduce their electric field levels at night report deeper, longer sleep, more energy, and reduction of symptoms of ill health in the daytime. 

We aim to reduce bedroom nighttime electric field exposure levels to as close to or below 1.5 Volts/meter or 100 milliVolts as possible. The way we do this in your home is to unplug the plastic AC cords to lamps and other electric devices on the bedside tables at night. I have inexpensive switches that can accomplish this. 

Most healthy people can tolerate some degree of exposure to high electric fields, which are all around us, in the day and evening when we need power for our lamps and appliances. We are, therefore, primarily concerned about them at night as we sleep.

However, we strive to also keep electric fields low in places where we spend a good deal of time in the day and evening. That would include a couch or easy chair where we watch TV or read, and any desk, especially with a computer, at your home or office. This also includes ensuring you do not have high electric fields when you put your hands on an ungrounded computer keyboard or in the kitchen near an ungrounded refrigerator.

The "M"—Magnetic fields: serious but less common, and usually due to wiring errors. 

These are the most harmful EMFs. Properly installed electrical circuits produce no magnetism because the current in the two "hot" wires goes in opposite directions and cancels. Correctly connected ground wiring (the third plug) covers the rest. Another possible source is wiring errors in circuits that power a continuously running appliance such as a refrigerator or furnace/air conditioner motor. Half of LA homes have wiring errors, but most cause few problems.

I have several clients with depression, chronic fatigue, and even cancer likely caused by magnetic fields. Correction requires an electrician operating under the supervision of someone like me, and it isn't cheap. It might cost $1800 to correct the problem I found in your home:

I am starting by avoiding the area with the problem.

Note: according to Dr. Mercola, these are localized to only about twelve inches or less from the source and decrease dramatically at distances further than this.

Radio Frequency (RF) is everywhere, can go twenty to thirty feet, and can be eliminated by hard wiring routers and other devices and distancing from the sources. 

These arise from wireless devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, routers, WiFi printers, smart TVs, and cordless telephone handsets and their bases. These both send and receive, and their RF often includes Bluetooth and WiFi. Wireless frequencies can also enter homes from outside sources such as smart meters, cell antennas, airport radar, radio and television broadcast towers, and now 5G cell antennas. Inside sources are almost always far more significant than outside sources. 

Mitigation: Never, ever place an active cell phone next to your body. All of them have small print warnings against this. Develop the habit of flicking yours into airplane mode. IPhones make it easy—drag down from the upper right-hand corner and press a button. 

Hard wiring your home with ethernet cables from the router to your devices is the best solution for RF. Cell phones require dongles. They will not ring, but the applications work except for Apple's Facetime and Messages. If ethernet wiring is impractical, use power strips to turn off routers and other RF sources when not in use. Since modern routers are designed for huge areas, cut their activity by wrapping them in Oram's recommended Faraday bag. 

TVs: You can turn off Sony's WiFi router and ethernet wire it, but for cheaper ones such as Sanyo, you must do internal surgery on them to make it stop transmitting radio frequency. Wiring it to your router does not automatically shut off the RF.

Radio Frequency harms

Research conducted primarily outside the United States on radio frequency EMFs shows that long-term use of wireless devices can affect health. The telecom industry has captured the regulators and claims there is no harm.

We are witnessing the same lies we saw from the industries supporting tobacco, asbestos, and leaded gasoline. Countries outside the US recommend that their citizens reduce their exposure. They are actively removing WiFi from schools, hospitals, and other public places. 

Many elite racehorses are dropping dead because they now wear RF devices continuously to measure how they run. Do not miss this story.

We recommend reducing use, increasing distance, and favoring hard wired alternatives to the chronic use of wireless devices at close range, especially for children. When our clients hear from their friends that their son was just diagnosed with a brain tumor, they will be happy they listened.

For more information about the growing worldwide research evidence of this and how other countries deal with it, go to "Recent EMF News" under the "Interviews" tab on my website HERE. Also, read my article on my profession's understanding of Radio Frequency EMFs HERE. I discuss how the FCC's guidelines are based solely on heating effects on cells. They intentionally ignore cellular biological effects from chronic exposure to radiofrequency EMFs at lower power density levels than those needed to create heating effects. Remember how long it took industry and government to acknowledge that cigarette smoking caused harm.

In August 2021, the US Court of Appeals ordered the FCC to revise its safe exposure guidelines for wireless devices. A summary of the ruling is at the Environmental Health Trust website HERE

Dirty electricity—common, and can usually be improved using inexpensive filters 

“Clean” sixty-cycle current versus the problem. From Dirty Electricity.

This shows on a meter as an irregular pattern rather than a smooth wave. Many household devices, including dimmer switches, switched-mode power supply transformers in compact fluorescent lamps, and some LEDs produce it. Other sources include computers, printers, and variable-speed motors, such as new energy-efficient furnaces. Solar panel inverters create dirty electricity when they change the low voltage direct current produced by the sun to 120 Volt alternating current.

Most "smart" electric meters (with a digital display and not a rotating wheel) create dirty electricity. If these are a problem, they may be shielded with special covers. This type of EMF can also comes from the electric and magnetic fields in circuits, plastic power cords, and power lines inside the room. 

Mitigation: Small, inexpensive filters that plug into wall outlets are usually adequate to correct dirty electricity. One filter per room typically improves the situation by 70 percent. Using more of them is better, but may be a case of diminishing returns. I prefer the Greenwave brand over the Stetzers. 

Dirty electricity can cause headaches and restless sleep, and it has an agitating influence on physiology. Sources include dimmer switches, electronic appliances (computers, printers), and variable speed motors such as in energy-efficient heating and cooling forced air units and front-load washing machines. HERE is more information. 

How filters improve health, from Dirty Electricity (2012) by Samuel Milham. 

The childhood leukemia connection to residential electrification and the La Quinta dirty electricity connection to adult cancer made me think that the diseases of civilization [diabetes, obesity, depression] might instead be diseases of electrification…

[The Vista del Monte school] had very high dirty electricity readings… [They] averaged 1,300 compared to 750 at La Quinta. The cancers (twelve cancers, including six female breast cancers among seventy-five personnel employed at the school since 1990) were over-represented in the wing of the school closest to the cell tower, and the readings were highest in the classrooms closest to the cell tower base. La Quinta school had eleven cancers in 137 teachers at the same investigation stage. 

A fourth-grade teacher complained that her students were hyperactive and unteachable. The outlets in her room measured over 5,000 Graham/Stetzer units. On a Friday afternoon after school, I reduced the measured dirty electricity in the wiring from over 5,000 to less than 50 Graham/Stetzer units with five plug-in filters. With no change in the cell tower radiation or the lighting, the teacher reported an immediate dramatic improvement in student behavior the following week. They were calmer, paid more attention, and were teachable all week except for Wednesday, when they spent part of the day in the library. 

Later, the teacher told me she could change the children's behavior by removing and reinserting the filters. The change took between 30 and 45 minutes. This young teacher also became the thirteenth cancer case in this small teachers' cohort…

One teacher with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes, despite insulin injections and oral hypoglycemic medication, had repeated foot infections and a below-the-knee amputation. He retired in 2009, and his blood glucose readings have been normal since then. Magda Havas has shown that dirty electricity raises blood glucose levels and changes insulin requirements in diabetics. 

The blood glucose connection could be how dirty electricity increases cardiovascular disease incidence. The major mortality and morbidity in diabetics is due to increased cardiovascular diseases. Magda Havas has also shown that radiation from DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) phones can cause an instant change in heart rate and rhythm in some exposed individuals…

People concerned about health issues regarding cell towers focus on RF emissions, but dirty electricity is another critical unrecognized exposure. To illustrate just how far dirty electricity effects can extend, after Dave Stetzer filtered a Midwestern school, a dairy farmer a quarter of a mile away noticed that his cows each gave an average of ten pounds more milk per day beginning the day the school was filtered. The cows were responding to dirty electricity being removed from the ground currents.

I measured the following levels of dirty electricity in the Yoho home, along with the levels they reduced to after I plugged in one Greenwave filter:

Measuring and correcting dirty electricity 

Dirty electricity is common in almost all homes, apartments, condo units, and offices that we evaluate. I typically measure between 200-2,000 Units of dirty electricity, and higher in some cases, with my plug-in Stetzer Microsurge meter. This is due to the many sources of dirty electricity in most homes, including neighbors' homes.

Safe levels of dirty electricity are generally agreed to be 50 Units or less. However, getting to that level is often impossible, even with one or more capacitive (Stetzer, Greenwave) filters plugged into outlets. I am happy when I get dirty electricity levels below 100 Units in Southern California homes.

Review and rules of thumb

The vast majority of the issues are inside of houses. I rarely find nearby cell towers or other significant outside problems. I solely measure magnetic and electrical fields outdoors.

Nighttime electrical fields cause sleep disturbance. These may be mitigated by turning off the bedroom's current. The room's electric cords should be unplugged, or a dedicated switch can be used at the socket to turn these off. Rewiring with shielded wires instead of the standard plastic helps but is expensive. 

Magnetic fields are wiring errors, and these need to be corrected. They are rare but serious.

RF goes the farthest distance and is the worst exposure for most people. The fundamental strategy is keeping your cell on airplane mode as much as possible. Cutting router radiation by hard wiring or changing its location is a close second. Using a Faraday bag ($50) around the router is a partial fix.

The majority of dirty electricity is easily corrected with filters.

I have a friend who has EMF extra-sensory perception.

He can perceive it like a dog hearing a silent whistle, like a wife who can listen through closed doors. He lives in a rural area, has no WiFi, and when he visits me, he can tell when I turn mine on or off.

I have no such gift—or disability. Yet my sleep and intention tremors have improved after a few simple remediation steps. I hope my tinnitus (ear ringing) will disappear after a few more. This could be a coincidence or placebo, for I cannot blind myself. 

Oram lives in a complex world. 

Once you wake up, you can never ignore EMF again. Cutting your exposure is not optional if you do not want to fry your brain.

Oram had many tips. Newer printers with WiFi routers inside must be turned off, and the device hard-wired if possible. Or at least they should be unplugged when not used. He recommended cell phone cases with partial shielding. He also gave information about healthy lighting, saunas, the best meters, and how to set up our houses using the grounded Ethernet cables with metal on each end. Routers can then be turned off or, better, replaced with ones without WiFi. Shielded clothing can be a relief for electrically sensitive people. 

Oram does virtual consultations, but most people need an onsite visit. He has trained several hundred people across the US and has referrals for you if you are outside Los Angeles.

Oram Miller, BBEC, EMRS

Certified Building Biology® Environmental Consultant and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (Parent organization HERE)

Adjunct Faculty and Senior Lab Leader for Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Seminars for the Building Biology Institute

11693 San Vicente Blvd., #342

Los Angeles, California 90049


Selected references is a vast resource.

HERE is "Captured Agency: How the Federal Communications Commission is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates."

A new worldwide organization launched in October 2022 to showcase the biological effects of EMFs on human health named the International Commission on the Biological Effects of EMFs. A companion article discussing this new organization appeared in Environmental Health entitled, "Scientific evidence invalidates health assumptions underlying the FCC and ICNIRP exposure limit determinations for radiofrequency radiation: implications for 5G."

In addition, U.C. Berkeley's Professor Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., has compiled abstracts on research on the harm caused by EMFs. It is entitled "Recent Research on Wireless Radiation and Electromagnetic Fields". Dr. Moskowitz's article appears HERE.

"How Big Wireless Made Us Think That Cell Phones Are Safe: A Special Investigation: The disinformation campaign—and massive radiation increase— behind the 5G Rollout" is an article about the lengths to which the cell phone industry has gone to actively hide and distort information about radio frequency wireless radiation harms.

For those coping with cell towers on top of their building, see "Biological effects from exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell tower base stations and other antenna arrays."

This material is unsuitable for beginners unless they already have some familiarity with the subject. It freaks me out, but I am motivated by my health concerns. Other posts might be better introductions to my writing.

PS: We have no swimming pool.