193. SEEING THROUGH THE FOG OF THE INFORMATION WAR, PART 2Listen now (11 min) | Because we face a false government, we must elevate our skepticism further.
He is the easiest path to many current truths.
Don't kill me; I am just the messenger...
"Most people don’t believe something can happen until it already has. It’s not stupidity or weakness; it’s just human nature."
189. YOU NEED TO MEET CJ HOPKINS (CROSS-POST)Listen now (12 min) | He's an American playwright living in Germany and one of the most astute observers we have.
188. MARTHA ROSENBERG LAYS OUT THE SAD REALITY ABOUT PHARMA'S MARKETINGListen now (63 min) | She is a full-time reporter for Epoch Times
187. KATHERINE AUSTIN FITZ ABOUT MALONE, DESMET, AND BREGGIN plus DOOMBURG RIPS THE CLOTHES OFF NUCLEAR ENERGY DENIERSListen now (29 min) | A statistic in the last paragraph will knock you over.
186. SHERIFF MACK IS CHANGING AMERICAListen now (59 min) | Sheriffs are a unique branch of law enforcement, and if they do their jobs, they will protect us from federal thuggery.
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